Taitung Promotes its Beauty of Mountains, Seas, and Culture to Singapore

Rambling Slow in Taitung

  • 07:25 AM, 24 Sep, 2023

On September 20th, the Taitung County Government and Taitung travel and hospitality businesses organized a tourism promotion event in Singapore. Under the theme “Rambling Slow in Taitung”, the event unveiled the captivating beauty of Taitung's mountains, seas, and rich culture. It showcased various attractions in Taitung, such as leisure farms, tribal experiences, exclusive top 10 Instagram-worthy locations, top 10 festive events, distinctive local accommodation, indigenous culinary delights, a diverse range of agricultural specialties, and introduced an exciting tourism rewards program. 

The Transportation and Tourism Development Department of the County Government, in conjunction with local businesses from Taitung, including Hotel Royal Chihpen, Ruyi Leisure Business Group, Formosan Naruwan Hotel Resort Taitung, Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa, Hua Yao International Travel, Luxury Travel, Phalaenopsis Dollar Travel, Chihpen Century Hotel, and Ado's Bike Rental & Guided Tour, convened at Paradox Singapore Merchant Court. Representatives from three major national airlines: China Airlines, EVA Air, and Starlux Airlines were also in attendance. Dr. Tung Chen-yuan, Ambassador of the Taipei Representative Office in the Republic of Singapore, and Mr. Joseph Cheng, from the Taiwan Tourism Administration Singapore Office, also participated. 

Ambassador (above) Dr. Tung Chen-yuan from the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore delivered an address.

The event saw the attendance of local travel agencies and prominent media professionals from Singapore, totaling 80 participants, all converging for the 2023 "Showcasing Taitung" tourism promotion initiative. The promotional event kicked off with an enchanting performance by renowned musical group “Fa'edetay”, who entertained the audience with traditional songs from the Amis and Puyuma tribes, setting the tone for the event.

Ambassador Dr. Tung Chen-yuan said Taitung boasts abundant tourism resources and looks forward to collaborating with travel industry stakeholders in Singapore. The aim is to bring tourists to Taitung, thereby bridging the geographical gap between Singapore and Taitung through incentivized tourism initiatives. 


Director Chiang Hui-ching  (above) from the Taitung County Government's Transportation and Tourism Development Department provided a comprehensive presentation during the promotional event, highlighting the abundant tourism resources available in Taitung.

Ms. Chiang Hui-ching, Director of the County Government's Transportation and Tourism Development Department, highlighted that Taitung offers not only the Hot Air Balloon Carnival and the most beautiful stargazing opportunities but a variety of nature-centric leisure farms. These include attractions such as Chun Lu Ranch and the Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden, providing diverse opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature.

From left to right: Food Blogger Ng Kong Ling, Mr Joseph Cheng from the Taiwan Tourism Administration Singapore Office, Director Chiang Hui-ching of the Taitung County Government's Transportation and Tourism Development Department, Ambassador Dr. Tung Chen-yuan from the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore, and Blogger Dennis Seow (superadrianme).

Two distinguished local media personalities from Singapore who were invited to share their firsthand travel experiences and insights about Taitung. The presenters included Dennis Seow, content creator for superadrianme.com, and Ng Kong Ling, an avid traveler and food blogger known for penning Singapore's inaugural book devoted to Taiwan travel, titled “Taiwan Notebook”.

Apart from organizing the promotional event in Singapore, the County Government delegation conducted courtesy meetings with local travel agencies such as CTC Travel, Chan Brothers Travel, ASA Holidays, Hong Thai Travel, and Nam Ho Travel to engage in discussions regarding tourism initiatives. The objective is to attract a greater number of Singaporean tourists to visit Taitung and savor the leisurely pace of exploration that Taitung offers.

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