Austrian Airlines Resumes Flights to China

One weekly flight as of 2 October 2020 between Shanghai and Vienna 

  • 01:18 PM, 24 Sep, 2020

Austrian Airlines will resume flight operations between Shanghai and Vienna effective October 2, 2020. The Lufthansa Group Airline will operate one weekly roundtrip between both cities (all times are local): 

- Route: Shanghai-Vienna / Flight number: OS76 / Weekday: Sundays / Departure: 10.10am / Arrival: 3:45pm

- Route: Vienna-Shanghai / Flight number: OS75 / Weekday: Fridays / Departure: 1.30pm / Arrival: 6am (next day)

With Austrian Airlines following Lufthansa and Swiss, all Lufthansa Group premium airlines are operating to and from China again.  "This clearly reflects the need for additional flights between mainland China and our home markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland,“ said Veli Polat, Senior Director Sales Lufthansa Group Airlines Greater China, responsible for the Group‘s airline business in China. "We are confident that Chinese authorities will gradually allow for an increase in flights to meet increasing customer demand.”  

So far, Lufthansa Group Airlines are operating 11 weekly flights to and from Shanghai, Hong Kong and Nanjing but are ready to add flights any time, especially to and from Beijing. Veli Polat: “It is important to continue reconnecting China and Europe.“

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