Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo

the ideal platform for international tourism

  • 24-Mar-16

(Mar 22, 2016, Beijing) The third edition of Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo (XSRITE) will be held at Xi'an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center from August 26 – 28, 2016. The three-day exhibition, organised by Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Administration, and managed by Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd and CEMS (Beijing) Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd, is set to attract 600 exhibitors from 30 countries/regions and 24 provinces with a gross area of 30,000, 5000 local and international trade visitors, as well as 50,000 public visitors.

“Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo will create a perfect platform for interaction and networking, promoting inbound and outbound tourism and Silk Road tourism,” said Mr Chen Mengyu, Deputy Director, Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Administration, in a press conference held at Hilton Hotel, Beijing on 22 March 2016, which 45 guests from 30 embassies in China and 43 representatives from 41 media attended. “This exhibition is strongly supported by the China National Tourism Administration and the United Nations World Tourism Organization.”

The Shaanxi province plays an integral part in Chinese history, being the political, economic and cultural capital of 14 ancient dynasties, including the famous Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang dynasties. Xi’an, formerly known as Chang ’an, is one of the four major ancient civilisation capitals of the world. The historical buildings and natural scenic spots of Xi’an make it an ideal destination for both local and international tourists, helping to boost tourism for the Shaanxi province.According to Mr Chen, Shaanxi province is experiencing strong development in recent times. In 2015, despite the gloomy economy, Shaanxi received 386 million tourists, grossing more than 300 billion yuan.

Supporting the growth of the Shaanxi Province tourism industry, Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo continues to leverage on Shaanxi’s advantage as the starting point of the Silk Road, providing an international, professional and quality platform for exhibitors, buyers and public visitors to network and cooperate.

In the same press conference, Mr Edward Liu, Group Managing Director, Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd and CEMS (Beijing) Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd, shared on the features and activities that exhibitors and visitors can benefit from the exhibition.

These features and activities include Destinations’ Presentation Sessions, Buyers-Sellers Meeting Sessions, On-site Activities and Performances, Educational Seminar and Talks, Extensive Media Coverage and Publicity.With all these in place, Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo seeks the active participation of all in the tourism industry, as exhibitors and trade visitors, to support the Silk Road tourism market and growth and leverage on the market potential.

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