Shabestan Finest Persian Cuisine Unveils Specially Curated USA Cheese Dining Experience

Cheese with Everything! 

  • 05:09 AM, 24 Aug, 2021

Words and Pictures by Mike Smith

World Gourmet Summit partner restaurant Shabestan Finest Persian Cuisine has unveiled its specially curated USA cheese dining experience in collaboration with the USA Cheese Guild which will run until September 5th2021.

The menu was created by Executive Chef Hany Moustafa (pictured) to showcase how versatile USA cheeses can be in top notch cooking. 

A starter of grilled eggplant with U.S Mozarella Cheese Salsa Bruschetta was paired with an excellent Lebanese dry IXSIR Grande Reserve White.

This was followed by a cheese appetizer platter of cranberry U.S. sharp cheddar cheese skewer, cream cheese tarts and U.S. Oaxaca cheese cranberry tarts paired with a Ropiteau Chablis.

A delightful U.S. Cream Cheese Pie, which reminded me of a very light pastry curry puff but filled with cheese, was paired with a New Zealand Toi Toi Pinot Gris.

The main course was lamb meatballs stuffed with U.S. sharp cheddar cheese, dressed with sundried tomato sauce and served with basmati rice. There was a visual treat as the yellow cheese contrasted with the red sauce as the meatball was cut open. This was accompanied by the only red wine of the day a full bodied Australian Auswan Creek Golden Bull Shiraz.

To complete the meal a U.S. mozzarella cheese kunafe with hot fresh milk was matched with a medium dry German Graf Johann IV Riesling Halbtrocken wine. A thoroughly enjoyable lunch in Singapore’s riverfront district Robertson Quay.

Head to Shabestan to taste the intriguing menu and appreciate the warm Persian hospitality in a modern fine dining ambience.


Shabestan Finest Persian Cuisine

80 Mohamed Sultan Road

#13, Singapore 239013

USA Cheese Guild

World Gourmet Summit

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