An Imaginative Approach to Sustainability

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® gin works with local creators to bring an imaginative approach to sustainability in Singapore.

  • 05:48 AM, 24 Apr, 2023

(Singapore March 2023) The world’s leading premium gin launches a series of collaborations telling the stories of Singaporeans taking creative steps towards a more sustainable future. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has launched a four-part series of films highlighting the creative endeavours of local Singaporeans who pioneer an authentically sustainable approach to their businesses. The short films on Instagram focus on four local brands - from a glass recycling studio that ‘re-finds’ renewed purpose for glass bottles, to a zero-waste bamboo straw producer – to raise questions about how we take noteworthy steps towards making a difference. 

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE is working to be the world's most sustainable gin, with all ten of its botanicals certified as sustainably sourced.

The campaign, titled #stirsustainably, stems from the global BOMBAY SAPPHIRE campaign Stir Creativity which seeks to engage individuals with their creativity and unleash their creative potential. #stirsustainably celebrates Singaporeans who are Jane Cowie of Refind glass studio repurposes the iconic BOMBAY SAPPHIRE bottles into elegant tableware and jewellery.

The campaign, titled #stirsustainably, stems from the global BOMBAY SAPPHIRE campaign Stir Creativity which seeks to engage individuals with their creativity and unleash their creative potential. #stirsustainably celebrates Singaporeans who are harnessing their creative skills to tackle the challenge to achieve their city state’s aspirational target of becoming a Zero Waste Nation. By telling these stories on a social platform, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE aims to inspire people to unlock their own creative approaches toward a more sustainable life.

"BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has collaborated with creators and artists for over thirty years and we are so excited now to be shining a light on the role that art plays in tackling sustainability here in Singapore,” said Denise Tan, Customer Marketing Manager BACARDI-MARTINI Singapore, “Stir Creativity is all about turning something seemingly ordinary into a potential masterpiece; what better way to inspire a ‘one nation’ approach towards zero waste living than by celebrating how Singaporeans are bringing artistry and imagination to this challenge."

All four collaborations are now live on Instagram: documents the work of Singapore’s number 1 art glass recycling studio Refind, whose artist B. Jane Cowie upcycles the iconic blue BOMBAY SAPPHIRE bottle (which is itself composed of 30% upcycled glass) into beautiful water jars and accessories. 

“It’s been great collaborating with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE; crafting unique handmade pieces from their beautifully iconic blue bottle is great, I just love working with their glass,” said B. Jane Cowie, glass artist and Creative Director at Refind. “Our studio is committed to inspiring Singaporeans toward more sustainable lifestyles by reusing and upcycling glass bottles to create products that can be used every day. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has exceptional sustainability credentials and is a brand that brings beauty, elegance and creative artistry into their business – so in many ways we are a perfect fit of creativity and sustainability!”

The second film can be viewed at @bamboostrawgirl and shows Melissa Lam, who runs a local social enterprise working directly with makers to bring zero-waste lifestyle goods to Singapore. In the film we see Melissa creating bespoke bamboo straws for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE as she discusses the steps Singaporeans can take to reduce waste as they go about their daily lives, which includes enjoying their own gin cocktail experimentation!

Melissa Lamb and #stirsustainably film host Paul Foster @paulfosterrr (pictured above) enjoy a BOMBAY SAPPHIRE cocktail with her handcrafted bamboo straws. A further two #stirsustainably collaborations: The Social Space, Singapore’s eco-friendly cafe which retails space for sustainable products and is run by Daniel Yeow and Cheryl Ou; and Peco Bag by Yumika Hoskin, reusable, foldable and convenient bags made from recycled plastic bottles, are also on Instagram. All four films can be viewed together on @paulfosterrr, as BOMBAY SAPPHIRE explores further ways in which Singapore’s creative talent is tackling sustainability.

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