Meet the Makers of Tasmania's Finest Products

  • 12:18 PM, 23 Apr, 2024
Photos Courtesy of Tasmania Tourism

The Australian island of Tasmania is celebrated for many things – and its world-class produce and innovative makers are no exception. Tasmania is a gastronomic paradise, from the purest sea salt in the world and exquisite spirits distilled with the freshest water, to award-winning cheeses and ice-creams, and a special kind of honey found nowhere else. Every producer has a unique story to share. 

I had the opportunity to Meet the Makers as they came to Singapore to promote their products.  In addition to being able to sample their products I was able to meet people who are very passionate and dedicated to producing quality. Not only do they win awards for the Best in Tasmania or the Best in Australia, but Best in the World. From really special cheese to excellent whiskey, vodka and craft beer these people from Tassie really know how to turn on the tap. Not everything is available in Singapore but if you go to Hobart check out Salamanca Market which takes place every Saturday. You can also find them at FHA-Food & Beverage 2024 being held in Singapore Expo.

Not only did I get to taste many enticing products I got a lesson in salt – the value and the importance of it. 

Island Coast Spirits  

Island Coast Spirits offers four Tasmanian spirits: vodka, rum, whisky, and  gin. Handcrafted and distilled in small batches, they utilize pure Tasmanian water and premium ingredients, imbibed with the world’s freshest air. Since their formation in October 2021, Island Coast Spirits has garnered both national and international awards for its exceptional products. Island Coast Spirits is just as it says, from an island surrounded by the most diverse and picturesque coast lines you’ll find around the world. 

Products: Vodka, rum, whisky and gin 

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 Hunter Island Distillery  

Single pot still whiskey has always been Ireland’s domain; but Damian and Madeleine Mackey believed that Tasmania’s rich, oily barley would  be its perfect partner. Hunter Island Whisky and Poitin are their Tasmanian interpretation of Ireland’s signature spirits, and an opportunity to showcase Tasmania’s excellent whisky-making ingredients and conditions. 

Single pot still whiskey is a centuries-old Irish creation, and today, it’s on the way to reclaiming its place as the world’s most-loved brown spirit.  

Award-winning Hunter Island Poitin and Whisky have been created from a mixed mash bill and have been triple distilled in copper pot stills.  


Hunter Island Tasmanian Pot Still Whisky Bourbon/Port Cask Matured 

Hunter Island Tasmanian Pot Still Whisky Bourbon Cask Matured         

Hunter Island Tasmanian Pot Still Whisky Limited Release PX Cask Matured         

Hunter Island Tasmanian Pot Still Whisky Bourbon/Port Cask Matured Cask Strength         

Hunter Island Tasmanian Poitin 

Tasman Sea Salt Company 

Tasman Sea Salt is the purest sea salt in the world. Harvested from the pristine Tasmanian seas on the border of the Southern Ocean, the world’s cleanest ocean, Tasman Sea Salt contains a rich blend of sea minerals and nutrients essential to human health. Tasman Sea Salt harnesses natural occurring energy in its production process to minimise its impact on its surrounds and remain true to its core  value of creating an environmentally sustainable business. 


Tasman Sea Salt Natural Flakes 

Tasman Sea Salt Pepper Berry      

Tasman Sea Salt Wakame Seaweed·        

Tasman Sea Salt Smoked 

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Van Diemens Land Creamery  

Established in 2005 by Tasmanian Dairy Farmers, Van Diemens Land Creamery knows the importance of using high-quality dairy products and expertly  crafting ice cream with a unique Tasmanian touch. Their ultimate goal is to bring joy to others and provide ice cream lovers with an authentic and memorable foodie experience. 

Van Diemens Land Creamery has mastered the craft of balancing unique flavours with Tasmanian milk to create an authentic full cream ice cream with an exquisite mouth feel.  

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Island Artisan | Bruny Island Cheese Co. 

In 2003, Nick Haddow started making cheese on Bruny Island. His goal was to create unique, distinctly Tasmanian cheeses that reflect where  they come from. Bruny Island Cheese Co. still reflects Nick’s dedication to tradition and quality. Made with milk from their own dairy farm and matured using traditional techniques, Bruny Island Cheese Co. cheeses reflect the seasonal nature of their dairy  farm and show a distinctly Tasmanian character.  





Raw Milk C2 



Raw George 





Farm Ale 

Cloudy Bay IPA 

Honey Pale Ale 

Lighthouse Ale 


Bruny Black 

Whey Stout  

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Australian Honey Products   

Australian Honey Products Pty Ltd operates extensive beehives in Tasmania and provides commercial pollination services statewide. The company  specialises in organic Leatherwood and Manuka honey under the Cradle Mountain Honey and Taverner’s brands, alongside a variety of non-organic honey under Sheffield Honey Farm. Various packaging, from 50g jars to 1,500kg IBCs are available.  

In addition to honey, the company crafts alcoholic products under the Taverner’s label, including honey-themed craft beers, meads, and an  award-winning Honey Whisky Mead made from a blend of single malt Tasmanian whisky and our own Honey Dessert Mead.  


World’s Best Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey  

Manuka & Leatherwood  

Tasmanian Kunzea Honey 

Tasmanian Manuka Honey 100+MGO 

Tasmanian Rainforest Honey Herbal Tea 

Taverner’s Tasmanian Honey Mead 

Taverner’s Tasmanian Single Malt Whiskey Honey Mead 

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Launceston Distillery  

Launceston Distillery is a respected Tasmanian whisky distillery. Located at the historic Hangar 17, it produces hand-crafted single malt whisky. From grain to bottle everything happens under the one roof. The whisky is produced in small batches using traditional techniques, locally made copper pot stills, Tasmanian malted barley and pure South Esk river water.   

This makes for an elegant style of whisky that is gentle, fruity, floral and enjoyable to drink. 


500 mL Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky. Tawny Port Cask Matured 46% ABV. 

500 mL Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky. Apera Sherry Cask Matured 46% ABV. 

500 mL Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky. Bourbon Cask Matured 46% ABV. 

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Taylor & Smith Distilling  

Distillers Ben Taylor and Natalie Smith synthesise the Tasmanian landscape into handmade, small batch drinks to raise your spirits. Their  Single Malt Whisky, Gins, and Cocktails experimentally craft distinctly Tasmanian ingredients such as wakame, abalone shell, Huon Pine needles, pepperberry, apples and snowmelt water into pure, pleasurable drinking experiences that make a moment special. 


Taylor & Smith Tasmanian Gin  

Taylor & Smith Tasmanian Dry Gin 

Taylor & Smith Tasmanian Barrel Aged Gin 

Taylor & Smith Tasmanian Sloe Gin 

Taylor & Smith x Analiese Gregory - Tasmanian Honey Gin 

Taylor & Smith Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky 

Taylor & Smith Bottled cocktails  

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Forager Food Co  

Forager Food Co. is Australia’s largest and most advanced producer of freeze-dried products producing a unique range of clean-label, whole-food fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, ready-meals and superfood combinations. We take only the best ingredients and combine them with our unique freeze-drying process to forge premium Tasmanian-made products of exceptional taste, texture and freshness whilst adding no artificial additives, colours or flavours – just 100 per cent whole food. 



Apple Wedges 

Strawberry Bites



Mango Bites 

Banana Bites 

Tasty Cheddar Cheese 

Mild Cheddar Cheese

Risotto Ready-Meals 

Risotto Rice with Tasmanian Native Pepperberry & Beetroot 

Risotto Rice with Tasmanian Mushroom and Truffle 

Risotto Rice with Tasmanian Goat Fetta and Pumpkin 

Risotto Rice with Tasmanian Asparagus, Pea & Lemon. 

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