foodpanda introduces initiatives in support of healthcare workers and the environment

Announcing a partnership with barePack to reduce single-use packaging for pick-up orders and “First-Eat-Kits” for healthcare workers in APAC

  • 10:18 AM, 23 Apr, 2020

Singapore, 22 April 2020 - Amidst Singapore’s tightened measures to flatten the COVID-19 curve, Singapore's leading food delivery platform, foodpanda, launches a collaboration with barePack to reduce single-use packaging for delivery orders in conjunction with Earth Day. In addition, foodpanda shows its support for frontline healthcare workers with the introduction of “First-Eat-Kits”.

foodpanda and barePack partnership

foodpanda continues its commitment to waste reduction especially the long-term reduction of single-use plastics as part of the pandacares initiative. foodpanda has been at the forefront of pioneering sustainability measures in the industry and was the first to launch the opt-out option for single-use cutlery in December 2017 and has since saved millions of single-use plastic cutlery sets. In 2019, a default option where orders are placed without cutlery was also introduced and responses to these initiatives have been encouraging with only 15% of customers requesting plastic cutlery now.

In the face of growing demand for food delivery services, foodpanda remains committed to sustainable development and is proud to pioneer yet another industry-first with this collaboration with barePack. foodpanda recognises the huge growth potential in offering our partners and customers a sustainable solution while maintaining our uncompromising approach on offering the best-in-class experience.

In conjunction with Earth Day, foodpanda further strengthens its sustainability initiatives with a partnership with barePack to help minimise single-use plastic waste with the introduction of reusable containers at participating restaurants. In partnership with barePack, the world's first reusable service for zero-waste reusable container subscription system, foodpanda will be rolling out the initiative in its first phase with Cafe Milligram, from 21 April 2020. 

The service is available for foodpanda customers who are subscribers of barePack and choose to pick-up orders at Cafe Miligram. While ordering on the foodpanda app, customers can use the “BAREPACK” code to request for their orders to be prepared in reusable barePack containers in place of disposable plastic ones. After their meal, customers can follow the instructions on the barePack app for dropping off the containers. 

This is a pilot project with three more restaurants joining the initiative by the end of April and targets to onboard 20% of all F&B partners on the foodpanda app by the end of 2020. Find out more here :

"To work with foodpanda is an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate that an ecosystem that aligns convenience and sustainability is achievable. A first in Singapore and indeed in SEA, through this partnership we believe we can empower individuals, both customers and F&B merchants to make better choices for our health, planet, and future” said Roxane Uzureau-Zhu: Co-founder & CEO - barePack


The “First-Eat-Kit”initiative which was rolled out at the end of March saw foodpanda giving back to hospital staff across APAC in the form of $18 meal vouchers. In appreciation of the dedication and sacrifice made by hospital staff at the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19, foodpanda is giving out free meals to healthcare workers in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. 

“foodpanda is doing what we can to contribute to the lives of Singaporeans and weather the situation together during these unprecedented times. With the support of our partners and our customers, foodpanda hopes to send a token of our appreciation to those who are working tirelessly at the frontlines of our fight against COVID-19.” said Laura Kantor, Head of Marketing & Sustainability, foodpanda Singapore.

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