Beijing   International   Tourism   Expo   2016  

now   part   of  inaugural   World   Tourism Development Conference

  • 21-Mar-16

March 18, 2016, BEIJING –The thirteenth edition of the Beijing International Tourism Expo is now part  of  the  World  Tourism  Development  Conference  organised  by the  China  National  Tourism Administration  (CNTA)  and  the  United  Nations  World  Tourism  Organization  (UNWTO).  The conference  will  be  held  in  Beijing  from  18 –  21  May  2016  specific  view  to  advancing  the contribution  of  tourism  to  the  UN  Sustainable  Development  Goals  (SDG)  under  the  theme Tourism of Peace and Development.

In conjunction with the conference, Beijing International Tourism Expo (BITE) 2016 will now be held at National Agriculture Exhibition Center from 20 – 22 May 2016.  The exhibition is set to feature more than 81 countries/regions, such as Austria, Bhutan, Brazil, Chile,  Cote  D'lvoire, France,  Germany,  Greece,  Indonesia,  Iran,  Korea,  Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam. Local buyers from Beijing and surrounding provinces have also signed up in numbers.BITE 2016 will  feature  buyers  from  Beijing,  Chongqing,  Guangdong,  Guangxi,  Hebei,  Heilongjiang,  Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Shanghai and Sichuan. Other  than  the  opportunity  to  meet  over  800  delegates  from  143  countries,  including  tourism ministers,   senior   officials   and   academics,   attending   the   World   Tourism   Development Conference, exhibitors and visitors can also seek to maximise participation by leveraging on the features  of  BITE  2016,  including  Destinations’  Presentation  Sessions,  Buyers-Sellers  Meeting Sessions, On-site Activities and Performances,  Educational Seminar and  Talks,  Extensive Media Coverage and Publicity. As one of the leading and most influential exhibitions in China, BITE 2016  is set to be the ideal platform for exhibitors and visitors to network and synergise.

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