The Botanist Launches Islay Cask Matured Gin Range

The brand aims to surprise consumers with a new gin experience

  • 12:46 PM, 21 Jun, 2024

(June 21, 24 Singapore) The Botanist has unveiled two new additions to their range; The Botanist Cask Rested and Cask Aged Gins. The Islay Cask Matured Gin range is an exciting development from the team at Bruichladdich Distillery, who only began innovating in 2022 with the release of a travel retail exclusive – The Botanist Hebridean Strength, 11 years after the original gin was first distilled. 

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The Botanist’s Islay Dry Gin has seen considerable success, achieving the status of no.4 Super Premium gin in the world in volume*, winning multiple awards and becoming a firm favourite of both consumers and bartenders around the globe. The Distillery is well-known for its boundary-pushing ethos, and Head Distiller Adam Hannett and his team have been experimenting with gin maturation since the Botanist was first distilled in 2010. 

With over 300 cask types in their Hebridean warehouses, Adam is able to experiment with wood that has previously held anything from the finest red wine and sherry to American whisky, as well as virgin oak. Being able to work with so many different liquid combinations has allowed him to produce two exceptional cuvées that could not have come from anywhere else. 

With the aim of adding simplicity and markers of quality to a category in its infancy, The Botanist has chosen to refer to the two new gins as ‘Rested’ and ‘Aged’ - inspired by Reposado and Anejo tequila. 

The Botanist Cask Rested Gin is a cuvée of around 16 different cask types from a variety of regions and has been aged in Bruichladdich’s warehouse on Islay for a minimum of six months. The liquid boasts The Botanist’s signature complexity with a new vibrance. The casks influence the spirit, bringing extra viscosity to the palate while a symphony of botanicals combine with the spices of the wood to create a deep mouthfeel. 

The Botanist Cask Aged Gin is a cuvée of around six different cask types from a variety of regions and has been aged in Bruichladdich’s warehouse for a minimum of three years. With a creamy and viscous mouthfeel, The Botanist Aged Gin opens with sweet, fresh fruit flavours blended with vanilla ice cream and toasted oak. The depth of the casks and the gentle, earthy spices warm the palate while allowing the floral and herbal notes of The Botanist to remain at the heart of the profile.

The new products have been showcased at major trade events across the globe, such as Berlin Bar Convent, World’s 50 best bars in Singapore and Brooklyn Bar Convent in a series of secret tastings. 

The products were met with rave reviews, with bartenders excited to experiment with the Islay Cask Matured Gin range in their bars.

Issyam As'ari - Trade Engagement Manager @ Remy Cointreau 

Adam Hannett, Head Distiller, Bruichladdich Distillery said: “The complexity of The Botanist and its unparalleled quality make it a pleasure to experiment with. We have watched and waited to see how the balance of the liquid and the 22 Islay botanicals can be further enhanced by resting in fine quality European and American oak casks. This experiment has been decades in the making and we’re really pleased with the vibrancy and depth of the new liquids.”

“We’re excited to bring The Botanist Cask Rested and Cask Aged Gin to the market to help support our brand’s ambitious growth aspirations," said Gareth Brown, Marketing Director, Bruichladdich Distillery. The Islay Cask Matured Gin range will unlock access to new drinking occasions and new consumers and at the same time, it reinforces our distilling expertise, ageing credentials and incredible provenance.”

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The Islay Cask Matured Gin range is available online at Islay Cask Rested Gin is available in the on trade and in specialist retailers. Islay Cask Aged Gin is available in the on trade only. 

At a Tasting at ATLAS Issyam As'ari - Trade Engagement Manager @ Rémy Cointreau told Singapore media about the history of the distillery and the development and creation of the new range of gins. Made with 22 hand-foraged Islay botanicals it gives it exceptional flavour, The Botanist offers an elevated drinking experience thanks to its harmonious balance. At 46% ABV, this is the gin for those who love the juniper spirit, and those who don’t."

The Botanist Hebridean Strength is described as a a bold, viscous gin, made with 22 botanicals for an incredible cocktail experience. In other words it is best appreciated mixed. I prefer my drinks straight and I enjoyed its bite while its new siblings are smoother and silkier. 

While new outlets are being sought for the gin ATLAS (Rested & Aged) and Tippling Club (Aged) now offer them.  


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