Re-Opening the Indonesian Border

  • 01:23 PM, 20 Nov, 2020

(Jakarta, Thursday November 19, 2020) Agus A. Majid Deputy Director for International Cooperation, Directorate General of Immigration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia in a zoom meeting with travel agents and media addressed the steps the Indonesian government has taken to facilitate travel between Indonesia and selected SE Asia countries

The Deputy Director stated, “In facing the Pandemic, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights has taken several policy responses since January 2020 until now, as we begin to enter the new normal era. To revive the zest of the Indonesian Economy including in the re-opening the Indonesian border for Foreign Officials and Business Essentials (including MICE) as stipulated in the Ministerial Regulation No. 26 year 2020 the following actions have been taken. “In maintaining a secure travel arrangements,” Deputy Director Majid stated, “Indonesia has engaged in establishing Travel Corridor Arrangements (TCA) with the following nations:

a) Safe Travel Corridor Arrangement (STCA) with United Arab Emirates on 29 July 2020;

b) Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA) with South Korea on 17 August 2020;

c) Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA) / Fast Lane with People’s Republic of China on 21 August 2020;

d) Travel Corridor Arrangements (TCA) / Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) with Republic of Singapore on 12 October 2020.”

Regionally, Indonesia also proposed the ASEAN Travel Corridor Arrangement (ASEAN TCA) during the 36th ASEAN Summit held virtually on 26 June 2020.

The Deputy Director pointed out: “Although currently the re-opening of the Indonesian border is limited only to Business Essentials, the Government is assessing the possibilities and potentials of re-opening border for tourism, limited to selected destination (eg. Bali, Bintan, and others) and from selected countries, while maintaining a sponsored visa regime (with a guarantor in Indonesia) and strict health protocols predeparture and post arrival in Indonesia.”

An eVisa will help to expedite the Indonesian Visa Application Process into a seamless manner so that the applicant is no longer obligated to visit an Indonesian Embassy/Consular Office to collect the physical Visa Sticker, whereas the eVisa will be sent directly to their email address. 

Foreign Nationals who have Visa Approval or hold an expired Visa and not in Indonesia, must re-apply for a Visa he stated.  Foreign Nationals with valid Multiple Entry Visa may enter Indonesia.

When it is determined that tourists can start visiting the country a similar process will take place. No exact date has been set when tourists will be able to travel to Indonesia.

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