Hook Coffee, a Homegrown Artisanal Coffee Company launches its Best Sellers in Biodegradable Pods

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  • 01:15 PM, 20 Jul, 2020

(SINGAPORE, 10 June 2020)  Hook Coffee, a local company that delivers speciality coffee beans and roasts from around the world directly to customers has come up with Biodegradable Nespresso compatible pods, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of making high-quality coffee in just a few steps. Hook Coffee is also proud to announce that it is offering new subscribers 50 per cent off their first purchase with promocode – HOOKMEUP!

The Biodegradable Nespresso-compatible pods are made with biodegradable and compostable material, the first capsule on the market to be awarded the certifications “OK Compost” and “OK Biobased” by TÜV.

Some of the brand’s best-selling items include Bird of Paradise, Choco Loco and Sweet Bundchen. These three products are made with blends of coffee beans sourced from the world’s best farms, and they are 100% speciality grade Arabica beans. When you enjoy a cuppa, you can be rest assured that @Hook_Coffee #hookcoffee www.hookcoffee.com.sg you are savouring coffee made with only the highest quality, sustainably grown, and ethically produced beans.

Bird of Paradise: A dark chocolatey coffee brightened by hints of tropical stone fruit flavours, with has a smooth finish and lingering smokey oolong aftertaste, this beautiful and exotic coffee takes inspiration from the birds of paradise, a species of birds endemic to New Guinea. The coffee is shade-grown and cultivated on the rich volcanic soils of Purosa Valley in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, whose fertile land is fed by an abundance of rain. The coffees are the labour of love of Purosa Co-operative’s smallholder farmers, who come from various indigenous groups. The objectives of the co-operative include pooled efforts and investments for the improvement of roads and infrastructure, enhancing resources for community schools, supporting four health centres and aid posts through the provision of beds and medicines, and providing employment to women in need.

• Choco Loco: Sheer indulgence in a cup — this coffee is made with beans from Nicaragua, Ethiopia and Indonesia. Relish first the base notes of bitter dark chocolate, then the ensuing hints of luscious caramel, maple syrup, and finally wheaty biscuits. Low in acidity, this coffee promises a pleasant mouthfeel and a velvety texture.

Sweet Bundchen: Add a splash of milk to this coffee and every sip is like biting into your favourite childhood chocolate bar Kinder Bueno. Unabashedly sexy and confidently bold, this creamy perk-me-up is rich with the sweetness of milk chocolates and earthy notes of hazelnuts. The coffee beans are from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Colombia and Nicaragua.

Hook Coffee Subscription Service

The brand’s convenient subscription service allows you to customise your coffee and grind, choose your delivery frequency, and even try different coffees each time with the “surprise me” function. You will never have to worry about running out of coffee! The service also boasts a nifty recommendation engine, which not only helps you choose the coffees that best suit your taste buds, but also allows the company to understand your taste preferences and consumption habits better.

@Hook_Coffee #hookcoffee www.hookcoffee.com.sg

Widest Variety of Freshly Roasted Coffees in Singapore, All Delivered Straight to Your Mailboxes Hook Coffee’s philosophy is that everyone can make fresh and great tasting coffee at home, which is why its coffees are offered in the form of whole beans, ground coffee (customised specifically for one’s preferred brew method), or easy and convenient drip coffee bags. The beans are freshly roasted in Singapore and sent out to customers’ mailboxes within a week of roasting. There are over 20 products to choose from, and they cater to different palates and needs.

Also, the company offers the widest range of freshly roasted coffees in Singapore — currently boasting 17 blends and single origins from countries such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Panama, Peru, and Rwanda – and introduces new choices every month! Like wine, coffee has its own natural quirks and flavours, depending on its “terroir” (soil, altitude, climate) and processing methods. Each coffee showcases unique tasting notes such as caramel, chocolates, berries, or flowers.

Availability and Prices

• Online at www.hookcoffee.com.sg:

• $12 for 20 pods (subscription service, delivery included)

• $16 for 20 pods (one-time purchase, delivery included)

• All NTUC Finest stores: $8.50 for 10 pods

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