Hypebeast@Uni Serves Up Art and Food in an Homage to Pop Culture

  • 12:10 PM, 20 Jan, 2021

(January 19, 2021, Singapore) It was a very enjoyable way to be introduced to art while enjoying succulent dishes from Uni Gallery at The Plaza on Beach Road. At a media preview we moved in small groups through the different areas of the restaurant where we were given hors d’oeuvres and a constant flow of sake. From January 19 till March 2021, fans of contemporary pop culture and Japanese food are in for a treat with a collaboration that brings together contemporary art and specialist food in one setting.

Pop art gallery simpleArte by iCare.4u has teamed up with specialist sea urchin restaurant Uni Gallery to offer diners the chance to tap into the ‘hypebeast’ movement - with a series of collectible pop prints showcasing some of the world’s best-known contemporary artists.

Featuring original prints by leading visual proponents Takashi Murakami, Chiho Aoshima, Steven Harrington, Shen Jingdong and up-and-coming Dutch doodle artist Stijn Valentijn, the contemporary art will be for sale while diners eat - with 10 percent of all income going to the Children’s Society of Singapore.

“This collaboration provides a platform in which popular art, street culture and food can align and be accessible to the general public,” said Jason Ong, owner of Uni Gallery. “It's also helping to provide support to children in need.”

Uni Gallery by OosterBay is a sashimi restaurant known for its exquisite focus on sea urchin dishes. simpleArte is at the forefront of bringing pop art to Singapore. ‘Hypebeast’ is a movement based on street fashion that has proven to be a powerful force in contemporary culture.

“Hypebeast@Uni offers diners the chance to experience modern street art first-hand as simpleArte brings an artistic perspective to the movement often characterized by high priced sneakers and urban streetwear,“ said Glen Tay, curator at simpleArte.

The art pieces, which are on display in the main dining area and private dining rooms, will be refreshed every time a sale is made as guests look forward to new limited editions in a series of four shows - the inaugural showcase will feature iconic pieces by the featured artists and an exclusive media-only interaction with Dutch artist Stijn Valentijn via Zoom.

Do not let the word 'doodle' mislead you into thinking this is a simple, easy expression. It is complex and appealing. We chatted with Stijin while he worked away in his studio in Holland. While we were enjoying sake he was drinking water - at 10:00am his time. While the doodle art in front of us uses subdued colours he showed us other works that are vibrant in colour and different in style.

“You can buy a ‘Hypebeast’ t-shirt, get the insanely priced sneakers ... and now you can also own a piece of iconic, limited-edition print from the same movement,” said Tay. “‘Hypebeast’ is the most contemporary of all street culture right now, and our artists are among the frontrunners.”

Uni Gallery – with its specialist take on Japanese cuisine – was an obvious choice to showcase this extraordinary work by world-known artists. “We support modern culture in all its forms, and given that the art is so fresh and contemporary, we felt it was a great chance to connect our food with this movement. “We are bringing the best of the world’s artists from the ‘hypebeast’ movement right to your table,” said Ong of Uni Gallery.

Featured artists like Takashi Murakami have been lauded around the world for their work – his most expensive piece to date sold for US$13,500,000 at Sotheby's New York auction in 2008. Steven Harrington is the leader of a contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop aesthetic, while Chiho Aoshima has worked with legendary Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake. Shen Jingdong is a leading contemporary artist in China while Stijn Valentijn describes himself as ‘a part time student of neuro sciences and full time visual artist’.

Hypebeast@Uni forms a part of an ongoing series for 2021, the next installment in April will feature art prints by Old Master Q.

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