Nearly half of Singaporeans would change jobs for more holidays

Fiji opens Virtual Rehab for stressed Singaporeans

  • 19-Sep-16

SINGAPORE, 19 September 2016: Nearly half of Singaporeans (42 per cent) said they would change jobs if it meant getting more vacation time, in a recent survey by Fiji Airways and Tourism Fiji.

Singaporeans also said they would be willing to retire earlier (44 per cent), switch industries (37 per cent) and have smaller families (32 per cent) to have more holidays.

The survey, ahead of a Virtual Rehab experience in Singapore this week by one of the world’s happiest nations, Fiji, further revealed Singaporeans believe general stress (33 per cent) and job stress (26 per cent) are the biggest barriers to their happiness.Dr Christopher Cheok, author of Achieving Happiness in Singapore said that Singapore’s fast-paced and stressful lifestyles can lead to mental fatigue and burnout.

“With demanding workplace environments with long work hours, Singaporeans face a lot of pressure, overwhelmed with multiple sources of stress on a daily basis. Consistently high levels of stress rob people of feelings of happiness and well-being,” said Dr Cheok.The research further revealed that most Singaporeans are ‘laidback holidaymakers’ with three quarters of people deriving happiness from leisure activities (75 per cent), more than happiness from cultural activities (69 per cent), and active experiences (56 per cent).

The survey also revealed that women derived more happiness from holiday activities overall than men.

Mr Andre Viljoen, Fiji Airways Managing Director and CEO said, “With its laidback vibe and stunning natural beauty, Fiji is the ultimate contrast to the city hustle and bustle of Singapore. Fijians are naturally happy and content, and this shows through their authentic warmth and their always positive disposition. It’s hard not to feel relaxed and drawn into the innate happiness of Fiji and its people.” “We hope our Virtual Rehab will give hardworking Singaporeans a break and a taste of Fijian happiness without leaving home. And hopefully one day they’ll visit and experience it first-hand.”

Mr Matthew Stoeckel, Tourism Fiji Chief Executive said, “With more than 333 tropical islands of white sand beaches and pristine ocean waters, Fiji is the perfect place to unwind. Whether visitors are experiencing the local culture or enjoying outdoor adventures, Fiji is a place where happiness finds you.”

The Virtual Rehab experience is a unique 4D sensory experience, offering a chance for Singaporeans to immerse themselves in the exotic sights, smells, feelings, and sounds of Fiji. Artist group Rako Pasefika from Fiji, Rotuma and Rabi are present for cultural activities such as masi stencil and Fijian dancing, while happiness packs are given away every day at the Virtual Rehab, including sulus, Pure Fiji beauty products, and travel accessories.The experience will be housed in a traditional Fijian thatched hut called a Bure, and available to the general public at Millenia Walk Great Hall from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd September 2016.

Travellers keen to experience Fiji can book a special airfare offer from now to 31 December 2016 for travel before 31 March 2017. Fares start from S$855 return in Economy Class. To book go to or visit your travel agent.

Stressed Get A Rest

Who are the most stressed out people in Singapore? It seems there are a lot of them as when Fiji Airways did a nationwide social media search they received close to 1000 nominations. From this group the two winners that were picked were Sharon Peters, nominated by her son Nash Vinn (both picture below with (both picture with Sera Cawanibuka-Seruvatu, Senior Marketing Manager Tourism Fiji and Franc Zvonar, GM Marketing & E-Commerce Fiji Airways (far right). As a single mother Sharon has not had a break in over 20 years as she has spent her time single-handedly bringing up her family.Ng Pei Yun (pictured below) was nominated by friend and fellow architect Lin Xingying. Pei Yun is an architect who, like many in the industry, is highly overworked. Xingying said in her entry that Pei Yun was a bubbly and outgoing person who was hungry for travel. However, all that changed with the beginning of her hectic working life which prevent her from going away and changed her attitude. Xinying says she and her friends miss the old Pei Yun and believe that flying to Fiji would be a chance for her to visit paradise and bring back the bubbly personality she once had.

Both ladies have one a trip of a life time to Fiji on FijiAirways which now flies directly to Fiji.

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