Mix, Mingle and Shake at Morton’s

  • 06:46 AM, 17 Oct, 2023

Floyd Cowan joined a group of foodies, bloggers and influencers at Morton The Steakhouse and the Bar at Morton’s for a tasting and cocktail mixing session that was delightful and delicious. 

(October 10, 2023) Morton’s The Steakhouse and the Bar at Morton’s have reopened after closing in March 2023 for a comprehensive S$135-million-dollar renovation, along with the rest of the Mandarin Oriental, which they call home. 

When Morton’s General Manager, Seth Blagden invited a small group of media over for drink the clank and occasional bang of renovations was still part of the ambience in the Bar. However, it did not disturb the drinkers or the serving staff who had an exuberant time pouring, mixing and shaking cocktail ingredients. 

“As part of a world-wide chain,” Seth explained to us, “we don’t often have the opportunity to introduce new drinks. But with the re-opening we have added to our long-standing cocktail offerings – such as the very popular martini. We now have 26 cocktails to choose from and you are going to have the opportunity to make them!”

I often mix myself a drink, but that is done in a very unprofessional way. “Whoops! A bit too much of that!” At the Bar at Morton’s, the nattily attired staff are very precise in the making of a cocktail. Even the number of shakes in the tumbler are counted. None less than 25 will do.

We begin with the Lavender Cosmo, and like many things, the first is often the most memorable. The five ingredients are in small plastic containers and we are told which order to pour them into. I am not convinced that makes a difference as the point of pouring them into the cocktail shaker is to shake the life into them so they are a seamless blend. And chilled in the process as a big scoop of ice cubes fills the cocktail shaker. Twenty-five shakes later I am surprised at how cold the metal is. Of course the cocktail is chilled perfectly. 

A strainer is placed over the shaker and the cocktail flows into its specially chosen glass. Very important as the right glass adds the right touch of class to the drink. And, of course, the garnish is the last addition. For the Lavender Cosmo it is lavender sprigs. For the Torino Tonic, two pieces of dried lemon. “This is one of our most popular cocktails.”


As a tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Pink Love cocktail is available for the month of October. A proceed of $1 will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore for every glass sold.  

Pink Love

There is a theme to the new cocktails. Fruit and particularly tropical fruit. The Mortini, Apple Snap fizzed and the Watermelon Crush, (above left) with 2oz of whiskey, crushed it. These, and others, are drinks you would enjoy after a hot day or after long hours in the office. The Bar at Morton’s is popular with the professional crowd who flock here post-work for Mortini Nights when you can get massive 3oz pour martinis for an excellent price, plus complimentary mini filet mignon steak sandwiches between 5:00pm and 7:00pm every evening. Purists can go for the Classic Mortini made with gin or vodka, while those who like their martinis flavoured can opt for the Cosmopolitan Appletini, Chocolate Mortini, or Lycheetini. Try ’em all!

For an evening wine-down, the Bar at Morton’s has launched a series of Power Hour cocktails such as Mezcalrita, Old Square, and Pineapple Paradise, available from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, Mondays to Fridays. Newly concocted Cocktail Reserve selections include Margarita Millionaria and Gold Fashioned while a range of alcohol-free cocktails such as Honey Ginger Mule, Orchard Season, and Strawberry Coconut Coupe pairs perfectly with a delicious bar bite Braised Pork Belly Bao Buns.   

Creative in-house Morton’s Mixology selection includes Bourbon Old Fashioned, Blackberry Mojito, Raspberry Fizz, Torino Tonic, juicy Watermelon Crush, Passion Margarita, Guava Sidecar, Summer Sangria, sweet Lavender Cosmo and zesty Lemon Drop. After-dinner drinks include the delicious Affogato, Key Lime Pie Mortini, and B.A.N.A.N.A.S. offers a great end to the night. 

Morton's The Steakhouse is located on the third floor of the Mandarin Oriental, in the heart of the Commercial and Central Business District. Every detail, from the succulent steaks and seafood and vast wine selections to the snappy service, makes Morton's the classic dining experience. The atmosphere in the restaurant is more subdued than the Bar at Morton's so we had to tone it down as we passed the well-dressed diners to our private room in the back. Yes, Morton’s does have a dress code. 

Having put back the cocktails without the benefit of a meal we dove right into the Epic Seafood Platter (right) with shrimp, oysters and lobster.  Maine Lobster Ravioli was set out at the same time and there was no hesitancy in delving in. 

Seriously, I would not like to eat with this group of media every night. Dinner can be held up interminably as they photograph each dish. Think how long that can take with photogenic Tomahawk Ribeye 36oz or the Japanese A5 Wagyu New York Strip 'Snow Bred' 6oz.  

Too much delayed gratification as we wait for the Double Cut Rib Lamb Chops to emerge from its time in the limelight. Some are even spirited away for their own photo session with professional lighting and setting.  


Miso Marinated Seabass and the Brussel Sprouts, Baked Corn Souffle and the Lobster Macaroni & Cheese may not have gotten the same camera time but they were appreciated just as much as the Homemade New York Style Cheesecake. Well, maybe not. It is really hard to beat Morton’s Cheesecake.  

The meal began with White Wine: Mount Riley, Sauvignon Blanc, from New Zealand and then when the beef and lamb was served we moved onto the Raymond 'Primal Cut' Cabernet Sauvignon from the USA. 

Seth informed us, “All our steaks & chops are grilled under a broiler, the steak is served with au jus and chopped parsley, temperature is upon guest request however the steaks we prepared for the tasting were medium rare, lamb medium. Lamb is served with madeira port wine reduction. 

“The Sea Bass (above) was baked and marinated in miso served with Bok choi and dashi broth. The Maine Lobster Ravioli is boiled and finished with lobster truffle sauce, sauteed shitake mushrooms, charred brussel sprout leaves. Lobster Mac and Cheese is cooked in our cheese sauce topped with toasted panko and parsley Brussel Sprouts roasted with bacon and shallots. The Cheesecake is baked and topped with caramelized bananas served with a banana rum caramel sauce.”

For more information visit www.mortons.com/singapore

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