Finnair Introduces CO2 Offsetting and Biofuel Service to Help Customers Play their Part in Saving the Earth

  • 01:17 PM, 16 Jan, 2019

SINGAPORE, 16 January 2019 – Starting from today, Finnair customers can offset the CO2 emissions of their flights either by supporting a CO2 emission reduction project or by purchasing biofuel flights. The launch of these two initiatives also include the provision of offset payments towards reduction of CO2 emission and a new Push For Change service available on Finnair web pages.

”We want to offer the best solutions for responsible air travellers, and work for this every day”, says Topi Manner, Finnair CEO. ”Aviation has several positive economic and social impacts, and it is important that we work to build more responsible air travel. Many important products we use in our daily life are transported by air cargo, while air connections enable international trade and maintain relations. The travel industry, too, is a key source of income and employment for many countries.”The CO2 emission reduction project is the result of a partnership between Finnair and NEFCO, a financial institution established by Nordic Governments to finance sustainable green growth and climate projects. The offset changes will help fund an emissions reduction project identified by NEFCO in Mozambique, enabling the use of more efficient cooking stoves, which in turn reduce wood charcoal consumption and deforestation.

Finnair customers can choose to support a CO2 emission reduction project by making offset payments of 1 euro for a return flight within Finland, 2 euros for a return flight within Europe, and 6 euros for a return intercontinental flight. The charges are based on the average emissions and costs of reducing a CO2 ton within the project. The payments are transferred to the project in full through NEFCO. Finnair also offsets the CO2 emissions of its own personnel’s duty travel through the CO2 emission reduction project.Customers can also choose to support biofuel flights. The use of biofuel reduces CO2 emissions by 60 to 80 per cent depending on the raw material, compared to conventional jet fuel, but is currently three to five times the price of conventional jet fuel.

To support biofuel flights, Finnair customers can purchase biofuel via a Push For Change service available on Finnair web pages at, which can also be paid for with Finnair Plus frequent flyer points. The biofuel available for sale comes in 10, 20 or 65 euros, to reduce the emissions of a return flight in Finland, return flight within Europe, or a return intercontinental flight respectively. Flights flown by Finnair with biofuel will be determined by the uptake of the service by Finnair customers.

Sebastian Grossmann, Regional Manager for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia at Finnair, says ”We are thrilled to be launching such an important initiative. Carbon emission reductions are the industry’s common goal. For Singapore, it’s no exception and we’re constantly taking steps to work towards it. While expansion of routes and flights is integral to us, we recognise the impact of carbon emissions as equally significant and this is a step in the right direction.”Finnair’s current biofuel partner is SkyNRG, the global market leader for sustainable aviation fuel, and its biofuel—which is made from used cooking oil—is sourced at World Energy’s Paramount refinery in Los Angeles, California.

Finnair connects 19 cities in Asia with over 100 destinations in Europe on the fast Northern route, which is the shortest way between Europe and Asia. Working towards a cleaner, caring and collaborative future, Finnair is also committed to the airline industry’s common goal of carbon neutral growth from 2020, and to cut CO2 emissions in half by 2050.

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