Introducing Royal Hotel Seoul located in Centric Tour spot in Seoul

Royal Hotel Seoul, the first private hotel in Korea that has grown with the history of Myeong-dong for over 50 years since its opening in 1971

  • 07:05 AM, 16 Feb, 2024
Introducing Royal Hotel Seoul located in Centric Tour spot in Seoul

(February 16, 2024) Royal Hotel Seoul, located in the heart of Myeong-dong, the centre of business and shopping, aims to alleviate the difficulties faced by foreign travelers visiting Seoul and Myeong-dong post COVID-19 pandemic in reserving rooms other than the burden of increased room rates at hotels near Myeong-dong. The hotel’s official website states that it is carrying out a promotion that gives a welcome drink in addition to the “Homepage Lowest Price Promotion,” providing  rooms at an easy and reasonable price. This promotion is limited only to customers who reserve rooms through the official website. 

On Royal Hotel Seoul's official website, you can find various room packages and food and beverage promotions that are different from products sold on other online platforms. By signing up for a free membership on the official website, 5% of the room price will be accumulated as mileage that can be freely used as cash at the hotel later. Furthermore, customers who make reservations through the official website will be entitled to a lottery draw where theory can receive free room upgrades and fresh refreshments, including fruits..

There is a special hotel room with a subtle Korean style and a restaurant and grand kitchen on the top floor with a panoramic view of Myeong-dong and downtown Myeong-dong. We also offer a Club Sky Lounge package where guests can take a relaxed ,healing break from their busy lives  and enjoy an exclusive view of Seoul N Tower and Myeong-dong Cathedral.

Make a reservation at the lowest price through our official website or via phone.

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