The Super Seven Series - Campbell Wilson, CEO of Scoot

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  • 09:17 AM, 15 Sep, 2021

Episode 3 of 7 part podcast series is available here:

(Singapore) The Super Seven Series rolls on with the third of the seven episodes, when we have a chat with the ever exuberant Campbell Wilson, CEO of Scoot – the bright yellow-tailed, low-cost airline, based in Singapore.

Parking planes in a pandemic, involves more than just putting on the handbrake and locking the door. Rotating the fleet, so they get regular use (even as freighters), and keeping a roster of tech crew in recencies, so they can keep their licences.

With twenty-nine year’s experience in the SIA group, this Kiwi is a passionate and well respected leader in the aviation industry. With flights resuming from Singapore to Athens and Berlin soon, he hopes to “rattle-any-snakes” out of all his planes and get them back in the air soon. is a one-stop travel platform launched in late 2020, and visitors from around the world tune in to listen to podcasts, offering varied topics, from etiquette in an Onsen bath in Japan, staying in a lighthouse, transatlantic antics on QM2, to travel anecdotes from some of the world’s iconic and cultural destinations, interviews, travel tales and good old storytelling.

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