Odys Boutique Hotel Delivers Posh Hospitality with Timeless Design

  • 08:44 AM, 24 Sep, 2020

The Odys Boutique Hotel wishes to deliver the poshest hospitality via cedar-wood furniture with timeless design, reminding us of the Vietnamese affluent wooden estates of the old days. Yet highlights are inspired by the colours of interiors and lightning of the old Western houses, so guests can find some familiarity away from home.

The long sheets of fabrics in each room are the reminiscence of t he dust covers in Vietnamese noble families. Their presence in each room is our wholehearted intention to create a sense of noble service and treasuring to each of our guests.


Moreover, the walls of each room are decorated with the signature French colonial patterned tiles. Since the end of the XIX century, these patterned tiles, along with the French, had blended into the memories of a whole Vietnamese generation. This is also the way The Odys Boutique Hotel commemorates a once “The Pearl of the Orient” Saigon. 

Located near the Museum of Fine Art, we could not pass by the artistic achievements when mentioning our Vietnamese culture and soul. That is the reason why artist Huong Hoai Nguyen collaborates and turn our intentions into a living space as you are experiencing now at The Odys Boutique Hotel. 

We hope that you will have a memorable experience amid this beautiful painting of the Vietnamese spirits and values here at The Odys Boutique Hotel. 


A Gift for the Whole Family this Upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival 2020!

This upcoming Mid-Autumn festival 2020, The Odys Boutique Hotel is thrilled to give away a special promotion for all family with small kids!


All children under 12 when accompanying parents will stay free of charge when they book the Superior Room at VND 800,000 ++ per night, add a free 20-minute of Neck-Head-Shoulder massage at NỤ SPA for parents; plus free Kid Combos when dining at BÚP Sky Lounge & Restaurant! With central accommodation and 4-star services at a promotional rate, where will you take your kids to this Mid-Autumn festival?

Mid-Autumn festival is the special day for children. This 1st October, BÚP Sky Lounge & Restaurant would like to send our warmest invitation to all families with small children for our Mid-Autumn festival celebration.

BUP restaurant has an open and unobscured rooftop view right at the heart of District 1 - an ideal place to build quality family reunion memories with each other this full moon season. Standing out in the center of modern District 1 is a restaurant with the decor of an old Vietnamese affluent house, adorned by the authentic Vietnamese's lotus flowers. Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival at BUP restaurant will be a special occasion for your family to build inside your children along with a love for traditional values and the history of the Vietnamese soul.

From 15/9 to 1/10, when dinning with your family at BUP restaurant, children under 12 years old will get free kid combos and free lantern to celebrate the festival with their loving friends. 

Don’t miss out on those exciting Mid-Autumn events for your children at the heart of District 1 during your family’s stay at The Odys Boutique Hotel.


              The Odys Boutique Hotel

              65-67-69 Nguyen Thai Binh Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

              Tel: (84) 28 3821 6915

              Email: contact@theodyshotel.com

              Website: www.theodyshotel.com

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