What Makes A Great Travel Insurance Company

  • 11:02 AM, 15 Nov, 2023
What Makes A Great Travel Insurance Company


It’s a very common issue to find it hard to choose a trusted insurance provider before you go on your next holiday. What makes it worse is the hundreds of companies to choose from and the fact that they all claim to be doing something the other isn’t.  

So here are some things you need to look for when trying to find the top insurance companies in Singapore.  

Proven Track Record

You don’t want to trust your peace of mind while on holiday to a company that opened yesterday, you’re going to want someone who has done it before and done it well, so look into how long the company has been around and if people like their work. 

Great Range of Coverage

A well-studied coverage range is essential when it comes to choosing insurance. This is because everyone travels differently, and the more personalized the cover, the fewer surprises there will be down the line. 

The Right Extras

When you’re booking travel insurance, you’re going to want certain things based on the nature of your trip. If you’re going skiing, you’d probably want to be insured for that, if you’re going scuba diving, are you covered? If you’re taking expensive equipment, is it covered? This is what helps you get the right extras added on to make your insurance suit your trip.

Great Customer Service

If and when something goes wrong, it’s the insurance company's customer service that will give you peace of mind that you make the right choice. So, take the time to speak to a real person, and ask about the claims process so you can check how the customer service team responds. 

Sing Saver Makes Life Easier

Getting to the proper travel insurance company can take a lot of searching and comparison, so no matter how soon you start your trip this could be too much time and stress. But don’t stress, there’s a way to save your money and compare prices all on one platform, and that’s Sing Saver, the home of savings for all Singaporeans!


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