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Monti Main Dining Area

Singapore, 14 January 2019 - Contemporary Italian restaurant, Monti, located at the iconic spherical Fullerton Pavilion, is one of Singapore’s top destination dining restaurants. The uniquely dome-shaped, glass walled venue offers a sophisticated, contemporary destination with a panoramic view of one of the city’s iconic vistas. Step inside the sleek multi-lifestyle space which enthrals with its diverse offerings that beckon guests to indulge and imbibe until the wee hours of the morning.

Monti Destination DiningSavour Monti’s contemporary Italian culinary creations at the main dining hall which houses a luxurious dining seating for up to 60 guests. Outfitted in monochromatic marble, with a copper bar top, richly hued bar seats and geometric lines that exude style and sleek elegance reminiscent of a grand hotel, it would be difficult not to fall in love with the grandeur of Monti.

For those who prefer a tipple or two, wander up to Monti’s open-air rooftop terrace and be treated to cocktails that span from a range of classic, easy drinking libations to one-of-a-kind creations while taking in the views of the sunset against the stunning view of the Marina bay. Be it a cosy evening among friends, an intimate respite, or a celebratory party, a memorable experience awaits. 

Mayura Full-Blood Wagyu Fiorentina T-boneMonti offers The Fiorentina Experience which features the broadest selection of the industry’s best properly aged, world-class T-bone steaks. This includes the Mayura Full-Blood Wagyu T-Bone Sanchoku F1 Wagyu T-Bone, and Rangers Valley Black Onyx T-Bone. A result of superior genetics, exceptional marbling traits, as well as consistent and careful rearing in a pristine environment. The entire selection is known for its rich, tender, and unparalleled full-flavoured tasting profile The Mayura Full-Blood Wagyu T-Bone, which won the highest level of Australia’s Delicious Produce Awards in 2018 with an impressive marbling score of 9+, is available exclusively at Monti. This full-blood single source Wagyu is located at Mayura Station in South Australia; best known for its perfect climate, fertile peat valleys and limestone knoll rises. With a unique diet of grain and chocolate, the Mayura FullBlood Wagyu T-Bone imparts a buttery and nutty flavour, paired with a silky, tender texture, and succulent juiciness.

Culinary Maestros at Monti

With more than 15 years of experience working in fine-dining Italian restaurants around the world, Chef Felix Chong is no stranger to the Italian culinary scene. Spearheading Monti, Chef Felix serves a plethora of contemporary Italian dishes and prides himself on making dishes from scratch, such as bread, butter and his specialty, pasta - keeping true to the authenticity and soul of Italian cuisine with a hint of his Asian roots and culinary scape journey.

Born in Rome, Italy, Massimo Aquaro has managed many successful restaurants across Rome, Italy and Singapore. With 19 years of experience in Rome, Italy; Massimo headed to Singapore to further expand his career Since stepping foot in sunny Singapore, he has worked in renowned Singapore-based Italian restaurants, including La Braceria, Capricci Italian Restaurant, Domus by Gabriele Fratini, and Mondo Mio.

As the General Manager at Monti, Massimo is responsible for the target strategies and operations, contributing to the continued success of Monti.

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