Singapore Travel Confidence Peaks - Nearly 73% of Singapore Travellers Planning Trips before October According to Expedia

Travel demand grows between June to September

  • 12:55 PM, 14 Jul, 2022
Catamaran, Upi Bay, Isle of Pines New, Caledonia (Floyd Cowan Photo)

(Singapore, 14 July 2022) Travel in the post-pandemic world has been redefined in many ways - rebuilding trust in travel again while navigating through a complex and high-cost travel environment has made travellers much more aware about their travel planning needs.
Expedia’s latest Travel for Real study found that confidence in travel comes with ease of restrictions.

Most people feel safe as they are vaccinated (69%) and find testing/entry requirements easier to manage (58%) now that countries have relaxed their entry restrictions. The Travel for Real study surveyed 1,000 Singaporeans between 18-45 years old who travel for leisure
at least once every three years, with an aim to understand what stimulates travel confidence in the post-pandemic world.

More Trips Booked as Travel Confidence Increases
When asked about reasons for decision to travel this year, 6 in 10 Singaporeans considered it safer to travel as restrictions have eased, and countries have started to reopen their borders, with relaxed entry requirements. Travel confidence is evident with more than 52% feeling more confident to travel. 73% of Singaporean travellers are also planning to travel overseas this summer and among them and 40% have booked their summer trip.


Isle of Pines, New Caledonia (Floyd Cowan Photo)

Singaporean travellers generally feel safe now that they are vaccinated and know that most travellers today are. 27% and 29% of travellers aged 18 – 25 and 26 – 35 respectively have booked their summer travel plans, while 33% of travellers aged 36 – 45 have made theirs. Younger travellers take a longer time to observe situations in planning their trips.

For those who were still hesitant to travel this summer, the most common reason was budget (45%), as travel costs have increased compared to pre-covid times. This is most common among the 18 – 35 age group where 48% cited budget to be among their top concerns as compared to 37% among travellers aged 36 – 45. More than half of respondents also felt that a refundable/ flexible booking policy helped to boost their confidence in travel.

Travellers Looking to Take a Longer Time-Out from Reality
With those looking to travel, trips have been planned for longer durations. Of the 73% planning to travel this summer, the majority (50%) plan to take one trip while 30% are planning to take two trips. Almost 1 in 2 (46%) would like to have a trip that lasts at least 6 days. Travellers aged between 18 – 25 are also most keen on taking trips that last 6 – 9 days (31%), or a trip of 4 – 5 days (29%). Meanwhile, 37% of travellers aged 26 – 35 are most keen to take a 4 – 5-day trip, while 32% of them are keen on a 6 – 9-day trip.

Tjibaou Cultural Center, Noumea, New Caledonia (Floyd Cowan Photo)

New Motivations to Travel Beyond Bucket List, Giving Travel a New Meaning
The pandemic allowed Expedia to introduce better travel planning tools for travellers to get the best out of their travel investment. In tandem with the survey, the following traveller planning trends were revealed:

• On things to do during a trip, the study showed that visiting their bucket list destinations and
relaxing and doing nothing are at 32% respectively. 
• The pandemic has impacted lives differently, as some travellers prefer to prioritise personal well-being more than before.
• 31% would like to try a new cuisine or a restaurant that they have not tried or been to, while 29% would like to revisit a place that was closed during the pandemic.

Lavinia Rajaram, Asia Head of Public Relations, Expedia Group, said, “It is encouraging to see Singaporeans finding confidence and feeling excitement about travel again. With many travel restrictions easing over the past months, Singaporeans have been inspired to take to the skies once again and fulfill that pent up travel desire."

When we looked back at the 2022 Travel Trends Report released at the start of the year, travellers were open to last minute trips and travelled with a carpe diem mindset. Fast forward to now, we see travel behaviours shifting towards plans that cater to more meaningful experiences for their wellbeing. That said, the wanderlust for new sensations and discoveries remains.

“Prices are already indicating a huge demand for travel, and planning is going to be key in finding that sweet spot for a good deal,” she added.

Ouen Toro, Noumea, New Caledonia (Floyd Cowan Photo)

Expedia Tips to Book Your Next Getaway
1. Book early and book smart: As with demand, prices will likely increase as the months go by, making last-minute deals harder to find. Travellers should lock in plans early by using "free cancellation" filters on Expedia and choosing flights with waived change fees. While it may be tempting to save a few dollars by choosing restrictive basic economy or saver fares, selecting flexible options will not only save travellers money in the long run but also ensure peace of mind as plans can change.

2. Travel insurance is vital: Having travel insurance helps assure travellers in unforeseen circumstances. Bumping into potential mishaps such as lost baggage or pandemic-related issues can affect travel experiences. Travellers should look carefully into the type of travel insurance that they need most, instead of what they want.

3. Book a package to save: More likely than not, travellers will need airfare, hotel and sometimes a rental car for a single trip. Booking them together – also known as bundling – on Expedia can save travellers hundreds of dollars.

4. Get more with Expedia Rewards: The easiest way to save is by signing up for a free Expedia Rewards account, unlocking access to member pricing of 10% off or more on thousands of hotels. Additionally, members collect points to save on future travel and earn exclusive perks and benefits at top-rated properties around the world.

5. Expedia Mobile App gets you more: With the Expedia Mobile App, members get access to exclusive deals only available on the app. Travellers can also earn double Expedia Rewards points on hotels, flights, cars, and activities, as well as save up to 40% on hotels when they sign up on the app.

Kank Welcome Dance, Nouméa – La Tontouta International Airport in New Caledonia (Floyd Cowan Photo)

Best Time to Book According to Expedia and Airline Reporting Corporation 

Best day of the week to book

Singaporean travellers might want to wait till the weekend to book their flights – the report revealed that Sunday is the cheapest day to book flights, with tickets close to 20% cheaper than Friday, the most expensive day.

Best day of the week to travel
Thursdays are the cheapest day to depart – with travellers unlocking an average of up to 25% savings compared to the most expensive day (Monday).

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