Batam-Bintan Present Terms for a Travel Bubble    

Singapore has yet to reciprocate

  • 09:14 AM, 14 Feb, 2022

Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and VITO, the Singapore office of Indonesia Tourism, held a zoom event on February 8, 2022 with Singapore travel agents and media to explain the Travel Bubble the two islands want to establish with Singapore. Indonesia is ready to go, but Singapore has not yet agreed. Government authorities and tourism operators explained the requirements for visiting the islands. They talked about what is on offer and what guests can do while they are there. 

The COVID-19 Task Force outlined the conditions/regulations that travellers need to understand before they enter Indonesia under the travel bubble. Foreign passport holders must enter Batam and Bintan through the entrances as follows:

Nongsapura International Ferry Terminal for the travel bubble area in Nongsa Sensation, Batam; and Bandar Bintan Telani Ferry Terminal for the travel bubble area in Lagoi Bintan Resort, Bintan.

Travellers must present cards or certificates (physical and digital) of having received a complete dose of COVID-19 vaccine which were administered at least 14 days before. The vaccine cards or certificates must be verified on the Official Website of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia or e-HAC International Indonesia.

Visitors must show negative results of an RT-PCR test in the country of origin that has been taken within a maximum of 3 x 24 hours before departure and attached during the health examination or on the Indonesian International E-HAC.

Visitors with a Singapore passport do not need a visa, but all other nationalities do. According to one travel agent, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to meet all the requirements to get the visa for non-Singaporean travellers. Travellers can also enter Indonesia at Jakarta.

Arriving Singaporeans have to show evidence of a booking confirmation and payment of travel bubble travel packages in Lagoi Bintan Resort or Nongsa Sensation area. They must also show evidence they have health insurance with a minimum coverage of S$30,000 which includes financing of COVID-19 handling and medical evacuation to a referral hospital.

Using PeduliLindungi and Bluepass apps during activities in the travel bubble area is required as is doing a body temperature check and RT-PCR examination on arrival at the travel bubble areas. When a negative result is received then the visitors can proceed through immigration and pick up their luggage that will have been disinfected. Arrangements should be in place with the hotel for transport to where they are going to stay. Travellers can not go outside the Bubble areas nor interact with people that are not part of the Bubble.

Close to 100% of staff working in the bubble areas are fully vaccinated. Those who aren’t are those with medical conditions such as pregnancy. 

In the event that the results of the RT-PCR shows a positive result then the following will happen: Anyone receiving a positive test result even without any symptoms or experiencing mild symptoms and those with moderate or severe symptoms, must undergo isolation or treatment in the isolation accommodation that is separate from the travel bubble area at the expense of the foreign national.

International travellers are only allowed to interact with tourists or parties within one travel bubble and are only permitted to carry out activities in the predetermined zone in accordance with their itinerary.

Travellers must report to health workers when experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 to be further examined and take an RT-PCR test. They must comply with close contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine that apply in Indonesia if a positive COVID-19 case is found.

Travellers must follow social distancing protocols and use a 3-layer fabric or medical mask that covers the nose, mouth, and chin. 

There is only one round ferry trip per day to each travel bubble. 

There are 17 hotels in Bintan with three more to be added late in 2022. There are four golf courses comprising of the 27 hole Gary Player Ria Bintan Golf Club,  Jack Nicklaus Seaview Course, 18 holes at the BLR Golf Club, the Ian Baker Finch Woodlands Course at BLR Golf Club has 18 holes and the Greg Norman, Laguna Bintan Golf Club with 18 holes.

There are numerous activities and facilities that can be enjoyed in the Travel Bubbles. There is Safari Lagoi Bintan, Mangrove Tours, Treasure Bay Crystal Lagoon and Marine Life Discovery Park.

When travellers arrive in one of the two Bubbles they will be given a BluePass that ensures they stay within their designated bubble. When departing for Singapore they must return the BluePass before leaving. 


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