The Lo & Behold Group Selects SevenRooms to Power Guest Experience

Singapore’s leading hospitality group - whose venues include Tanjong Beach Club, Claudine, The Coconut Club and The Warehouse Hotel - aims to boost guest experience, revenue and repeat visits with the SevenRooms platform

  • 12:28 PM, 13 Sep, 2022

(September 13, 2022 - Singapore) SevenRooms, a guest experience and retention platform for the hospitality industry, today announced it has partnered with The Lo & Behold Group, one of the leading hospitality groups in Singapore. The Lo & Behold Group is deploying SevenRooms’ comprehensive platform - which officially launched in Singapore and Hong Kong in April - across iconic venues including Tanjong Beach Club, Claudine, The Coconut Club and more.  

As the hospitality industry’s only end-to-end guest experience and retention platform, SevenRooms is used by operators in more than 250 cities globally to increase profitability by leveraging approved guest data to build direct relationships, deliver exceptional experiences, and increase repeat visits and orders. 

 Leveraging SevenRooms, The Lo & Behold Group now has a single, detailed view of guest preferences and spend across their entire portfolio, no matter when and where they choose to dine. Through SevenRooms’ extensive suite of tools including reservation, waitlist, table management and marketing automation, The Lo & Behold Group can turn data-driven insights into personalised guest experiences that build customer loyalty, drive repeat business and increase revenue.  

Tanjong Beach Club and Claudine have been using SevenRooms for 16 months and 10 months, respectively, while other venues - including The Coconut Club, The Warehouse Hotel and Le Bon Funk - have more recently onboarded with the platform. Each venue has the ability to tailor the platform to suit their unique needs and the desires of the guests. Across the group, SevenRooms is helping The Lo & Behold Group synchronise data and develop more robust guest profiles. Most notably, it is helping them create the foundation for a more uniform definition of loyalty and the practices that reward it. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with The Lo & Behold Group and its portfolio of truly timeless concepts,” commented Paul Hadida, General Manager, APAC at SevenRooms. “After an incredibly challenging two years, Singapore’s vibrant hospitality sector is reopening and The Lo & Behold Group is again leading by example, providing the level of service that guests demand today. The group is progressive and has identified the importance of data and technology as the foundation for standing out and building brand loyalty. With SevenRooms, The Lo & Behold Group can continue to offer guests the experiences they desire by making more informed decisions through 360-degree insights across the customer journey, both on- and off-premise, across their concepts. Today is an exciting day for SevenRooms, and an important milestone in our launch in the region.”  

Tania Chan, Chief Marketing Officer at The Lo & Behold Group, added: “The venues across our portfolio have diverse and unique concepts - from casual to refined - but our commitment to providing a timeless experience is what binds every venue. With SevenRooms powering us behind the scenes, we’re able to focus entirely on making our city more lovable and our industry more vibrant. SevenRooms provides a rich quantity and quality of data. Through the platform, we’re able to synchronise data across venues and build deep and detailed guest profiles that help us understand our guests, how they interact with our venues and what they want out of their experiences.”  

“Previously, every team member in our venues had some definition of a repeat or regular guest. SevenRooms helps us with setting a clear definition and we’re able to synchronise these amongst the team and ultimately better recognise our guests and reward loyalty. Not only that, SevenRooms allows us to connect—in a subtle and unobtrusive manner—with different groups and types of guests. At Tanjong Beach Club, for example, the auto-tag and automated email functions have helped us engage past guests who have not visited for a while. This has yielded over 450 reservations over the past year.

These automated tools not only save time, but are also intuitive and provide critical insights as we continue to encourage repeat visits and build loyalty. We’re very excited to continue using SevenRooms to provide better experiences for more guests across the entire group in the coming years.” 

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