Asian Journeys Daily Travel News 14 July 2021  

Pandemic still dominates the news

  • 08:16 PM, 13 Jul, 2021

Asian Journeys Daily Travel News 14 July 2021     

Steve Collins Presents Your Travel News

Steve Collins

Covid-19 Pandemic Mutes Bastille Day Celebrations 

Canary Islands to impose curfew on young holiday makers

Basilica of the Virgin of Candelaria (Patroness of the Canary Islands) in Candelaria, Tenerife Xauxa (Håkan Svensson) Photo 

London Heathrow traffic still down 90% of pre pandemic levels

Phillip Capper Photo - queuing airplanes now a rate sight at London Heathrow 

Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas first cruise ship to return to Alaska since the pandemic began

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