Food for Fighters – Thailand Restaurants Contribute Food for Medical Staff

  • 07:25 AM, 13 Apr, 2020

Food for Fighters – A group of Thai restaurateurs lead by Ms. Panchana Vatanasathien  PenLaos Restaurant in Khao Yai (pictured above) contributes online-crowdfunding meal boxes to frontline medical staff at field hospitals to fight against COVID-19

Over 30 Thai restaurants have joined forces to raise emergency public funds in order to deliver 3,000 meal boxes a day to support proper food supplies to frontline doctors and medical staff members at governmental field hospitals who work against the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand.

As the epidemic of Covid-19 is causing a massive damaging impact to Thailand, the number of infected patients is increasing every day from tens to a thousand and the situation is rapidly getting worse.

Ms. Panchana Vatanasathien, Owner of PenLaos Restaurant in Khao Yai initiated “Food for Fighters” project partnering with other restaurateur alliances around Bangkok and metropolitan areas to open this crowdfunding in order to help deliver food to the frontline medical teams who have been fighting COVID-19 at the government field hospitals during this crisis.

They are asking you for your donations to be a part of this emergency project because:

1.            Food Fighters will supply proper food for the frontline doctors, nurses and medical teams who work hard to treat infected patients and fight against COVID-19 in field hospitals. Recently, Pramongkutklao Hospital requested 800 boxes daily and Chakri Naruebodindra Medical Institute requested 100 boxes daily due to the closure of markets and restaurants nearby. This causes difficulties for the medical teams to access proper food supplies while they are on such an important national duty. 

2.            The donations will require a production cost of 50 THB/box to 30 partnership restaurants such as Chuen Jai Kitchen, Bharani Kitchen, Suki Hotpot Ruen Petch, Yee Lao Tang Jua Lee, Zab Kak Restaurant, Sushi Kyu, Zab Der, The Never Ending Summer, Bu Lan Dan Mek Restaurant, PenLaos Kitchen, Charm, Khun Pook Plammade, Banleng Kitchen, Chankanom, Shabeebee House, Uncle & Friends Rustic Cafe Oldtown, TANK Restaurant and Café and more.

3.            The distribution of food production and delivery will be systematically scheduled based on the location of the hospitals, and other conditions such as time for delivery, cooking capacities, etc. In terms of the meal box delivery, the project has received corporate support from Silver Voyage Club, led by CEO Jakkapan Rattanapet, providing logistic support with their cars, well trained butlers and professional drivers.

Ms. Vatanasathien stated, "We are a group of small people with big inspiration, are doing Food for Fighters to contribute appropriate food supplies to the frontline medical teams to help stop COVID-19. We are supporting the frontline medical people to help alleviate negative economic and social impacts to everyone in Thailand."

If you are interested to support this emergency project, please make a donation at or contact/follow at Facebook: Food For Fighters

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