Best kept secret - Dragon’s Den at Mimi Restaurant lays its tiles on the table

The Riverhouse team welcomes new chef Jesse Lim

  • 11:55 AM, 12 Oct, 2021

(October 12, 2021 - Singapore) If walls could talk, Mimi Restaurant at The Riverhouse would have plenty to tell. With mahjong, gambling, opium and vice at the core of its heritage, Mimi’s has done well to play up the theme with modern Chinese cuisine, dreamy cocktails, a private dining area aptly called Dragon’s Den designed to transport you back in time. 

The Riverhouse team welcomes new chef Jesse Lim who breathes fresh air into the contemporary Chinese cuisine at Mimi 秘密 in a location steeped in mystery and tradition, together with the launch of the ‘Dragon’s Den’, an intimate new space, seating up to a maximum of 16 people. Mimi 秘密 also launches its weekend dim sum where Chef Jesse introduces his modern take on everyone’s favourite piping hot dim sum delicacies. 

We can’t travel now but we can travel back in time by heading upstairs into the secret and private Dragon’s Den where modern renditions of old and forgotten dishes are served on mahjong tables, where you can soak in the twinkling balcony views of the Singapore River and imagine what it was like when secret society gangsters ran this place 150 years ago. 

Some kick ass gastronomy awaits at the Dragon’s Den. Be sure to order the Saucy Crab & Egg Affair - a wonderfully deconstructed Singapore chili crab and steamed crab dish plated in a ying yang pattern with fried bread buns on the side, such a perfect way of presenting a crab dish, especially if you are on a date or just prefer not to get your fingers dirty. A truly elevated dish marrying traditional recipes with contemporary presentation.  

You can’t dine at a Chinese restaurant and not order noodles, so kick up your carb notch with their Unsubtle Truffle Mein of vermicelli and glass noodles stir-fried with prawns and asparagus served with Black Truffle sauce, this dish is a Mimi signature that has taken many to truffle heaven. 

Chef Jesse Lim’s contemporary interpretations of traditional dishes involve a high degree of sourcing for ingredients from farm to table.  And its best showcased in Mim’s nourishing herbal soup with generous portions of locally sourced white clams which will warm the cockles of your heart.  

Beautifully charred Kurobuta Pork Char Sui is as moreish as you get - a definite must-order. Sweet, smoky, snacky; you want to get those chopsticks in there fast before it’s all gone.           

And the drinks list! Dome-covered misty applewood-smoked cocktails, classics with a twist; the beverage lineup kungfu flexes with its take on the Oriental theme. 

Overall, an impressive discovery of modern Asian dishes using a myriad of ingredients, inspired cocktails and a chic venue steeped in history; the past, the present, all in one place.  

Diners can also opt for a private menu of 5 to 6-Courses starting from $108++ to $148++ per menu for a minimum of 5 pax.  

3A River Valley Road,
Clarke Quay,
01-02 Level 2 The Riverhouse, 1
Singapore 79020
Tel: 8879 0688
Closed on Mondays

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