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Japanese and French Fusion

  • 11:39 AM, 12 Nov, 2021
Photos Courtesy of World Gourmet Summit & Floyd Cowan Photos

(November 12, 2021) Singaporeans are known for dreaming about where they will be going for dinner when they’re having lunch. You don’t need to daydream when you dine at Rêve but you might think you are in a dream when you savour Executive Chef Kawano Masahiko’s Japanese/French fusion food. Recently opened on Chinatown’s Kreta Ayer Road it brings a new fine-dining restaurant to the city.

Chef Masahiko, an award-winning recipient of the highly acclaimed Taki Hisao by Japan’s RED-U-35, is skilled in French cooking but whose identity is so Japanese that it seeps into everything he creates. Delight in culinary creations that combine traditional Japanese ingredients with French cuisine. Chef Masahiko makes use of local ingredients and flavours, turning the food into something wholly new and exciting. Dishes such as Pigeon, which makes use of miso in a glaze, and Duck Somen, with a stock made using duck meat. The result is a soup broth that’s flavoured so well it is infused into the noodles.

Abaloni / Uni 

For our media tasting we were presented with a 7-course menu that began with Abaloni / Uni. The cauliflower mousse topped with steamed abalone and bafun uni from Hokkaido, dripped with chive oil provided both a smooth creamy texture contrasted by the chewy abalone.

For this dish, and all that followed, I wrote one word to describe the taste – delicate. This is not food that is going to overwhelm you with spice or strong sensations.

Chutoro / Tomato 

Chutoro / Tomato was next served by the efficient staff who ensured our water was always topped up. It took a moment to confirm that the grilled medium fatty tuna was indeed grilled as it was just the exterior that felt the heat leaving the meat soft and tender. Braised wintermelon accompanied Jerusalem artichoke puree and tomato puree.

The staff had a delightful job as for each course they reset the attractive cutlery with new silverware and each dish was in a vessel that was different from the first in colour, texture and shape – showing that Rêve highly values presentation. 

Kinmedai / Mussels

There was no questioned that the golden eyes snapper (from Shizuoka) was sauteed as it was crisp. Accompanied by spinach mussels sauce with an aside of French mussels with pumpkin puree.

Pigeon / Miso

All this was building to the Pigeon / Miso. I’ve never had pigeon that tasted so good. The Japanese miso marinated French pigeon with port wine sauce with black garlic puree and miso powder was magical.

Duck / Noodle

The special made whole grain floor noodles with duck and chicken bone soup reminded me of the tempera soba I used to enjoy when I lived in Tokyo. The broth had that seductive flavour that made it my first choice for lunch on many many days.


Unfortunately I am unable to tell you about the Taiwanese High Mountain Tea flavoured panna cotta nor of the mango chef-made vanilla ice cream, topped with white wine granita as I had an appointment I had to run to. I am sure that it matched the quality of all that went before.

If you are looking for a classy place, with the feeling of seclusion and a blending of Japanese and French cuisine – dream no more; Rêve is for you.

The chef-made Focaccia served with Echire butter left me wanting more, as did the entire meal. 


39 Kreta Ayer Road

#01 – 01

Singapore 089002


W: Rêve-sg.com

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