Indian Prime Minister Announces Mega Tourism Projects

52 tourism sector projects worth over Rs 1400 crore launched

  • 11:23 AM, 12 Mar, 2024

(Delhi, March 12, 2024) India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched 52 tourism projects worth over Rs 1400 crore under the Swadesh Darshan and PRASHAD schemes. The projects aim to develop tourism infrastructure and promote pilgrimage and heritage sites across India. The launch events were carried out at all 52 destinations simultaneously. Additionally, the PM launched campaigns such as Chalo India Global Diaspora Campaign and Dekho Apna Desh People's Choice 2024 to promote tourism and engage citizens in identifying preferred to.

The event witnessed the unveiling of nine infrastructure projects worth INR 469 Crore and the launch of 43 projects valued at INR 963 Crore, all under the aegis of the Ministry of Tourism's Swadesh Darshan (Domestic Tourism) and PRASHAD (Spiritual/Religious Tourism) initiatives. These projects executed in coordination with state governments, union territories, and local authorities, spanned diverse tourism destinations.

 Among the highlights were the inauguration of three PRASHAD Scheme projects in Hazratbal (Srinagar), Jogulamba (Telangana), and Amarkantak (Madhya Pradesh), focusing on pilgrim facilitation centers, ghat development, and other amenities. Additionally, 14 projects aimed at developing pilgrimage and heritage sites across several states were launched, with an investment of INR 320.8 Crore. 

In a bid to foster inclusive development and community participation, the Prime Minister announced the launch of three new campaigns: 

Dekho Apna Desh (See Your Country) People's Choice 2024: A nationwide poll to identify the most preferred tourist attractions across five categories, enabling citizens to engage with the Ministry of Tourism in shaping India's tourism landscapes. 

Chalo India Global (Lets Go to India) Diaspora Campaign: Encouraging Indian diaspora members to promote tourism by inviting non-Indian friends to visit India annually, fostering cultural exchange and promoting India as a global tourist destination. 

Challenge Based Destination Development (CBDD): A scheme aimed at developing sustainable tourism destinations through competition and strategic alignment with India's tourism priorities. 

Furthermore, the Prime Minister highlighted the importance of supporting local economies by urging tourists to allocate 5-10% cent of their budget towards purchasing local products. He also reiterated the 'Wed in India' campaign "I Do, inviting couples to choose Jammu and Kashmir as their wedding destination, emphasising the region's potential as a premier wedding destination.

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