heritage-inspired cocktails dedicated to the flavours and history of singapore districts   

  • 12-Feb-18

Singapore, 12 February 2018 – Located at the lobby level, Origin Bar is a welcomed addition to the hotel’s recently rejuvenated Tower Wing which pays respect to its own heritage by taking guests on a journey inspired by Singapore’s illustrious history of bountiful trade.

Slovakian Bar Manager Adam Bursik (pictured) has created a heritage inspired cocktail menu that offers guests a journey of discovery through flavours inspired by five key districts of Singapore: Orchard, Chinatown, Little India, Boat Quay and Marina Bay. Every cocktail reflects their colours, flavours and historical anecdotes – thoughtfully distilled in a glass.To create Origin Bar’s cocktail menu, Bursik took a deep dive to immerse himself in local produce, selecting fresh fruit and vegetables, spices and herbs that represented each district’s history and flavours.Is a wonderland of aromas, flavours and colours. I discovered durian and jackfruit here, but the jackfruit has to be one of my favourite fruits”, Bursik said. This jackfruit passion can be seen in one of his original cocktails for Origin Bar, Safari Tea (S$22), which is made of jackfruit marmalade, bamboo and osmanthus fortified wine, citrus and Monkey Shoulder Whiskey.One of the highlights from the newly launched cocktail menu is The Pearl (S$26). The eye-catching seashell is the perfect presentation for this fairytale cocktail, combining land and sea with a touch of Asian allure. This experimental drink uses silken tofu to enhance the lusciously smooth texture to the floral blend of elderflower. Black Forest Gin and barley Shochu adds a distinctive botanical flavour, refined by the natural brine of the sea grapes.Leaf the Curry (S$23) brings forth the true spirit of Little India. A distinctive cocktail which is made with aromatic curry leaves, cardamom and tamarind. Aged rum adds a deep, complex element which complements the undertones of intense woodiness.

Representing Boat Quay, a district where the first Italian immigrants settled in Singapore, is Buona Vista (S$23), this drink is an ode to journeys and settlement. This delicate, bittersweet cocktail offers notes of coffee, fig, distilled hazelnut, chocolate and Campari. Namesake cocktail, Origin (S$22), is a spicy gin-based cocktail made with sugar cane honey, nutmeg, pepper, charred pineapple and lime husk wine. This drink is inspired by the heritage and history of Orchard Road, which was home to pepper and nutmeg plantations in 1880.Teetotallers can also enjoy the tropical voyage through drinks that celebrate the local botany and fruits – from refreshing citrus to the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Bar Manager, Bursik, arrived in Singapore in 2014, heading up bars such as the Library and one of ‘Asia’s 50 Best Bars’- Nutmeg & Clove, before joining the launch team at Origin Bar.


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