Jetstar Asia retains position as most punctual LCC in Asia Pacific

  • 07:44 AM, 10 Jan, 2019
Jetstar Asia retains position as most punctual LCC in Asia Pacific

Singapore LCC also maintains top 10 LCC safety listing

Jetstar Asia has retained its position as the most punctual LCC in Asia Pacific and maintained its top 10 safest low cost airline listing in two separate aviation reports for 2019.

Flight information company OAG’s Punctuality League for 2019, shows that of the top 250 LCCs in the world, Jetstar Asia retains its position as the second most punctual at 84.13 per cent. The report also found Jetstar Asia as the most punctual airline in Singapore and the 12th most punctual airline in the world, across both LCCs and full-service carriers. The rankings are based on 58 million flight records using full-year data from 2018 for the world’s largest airlines and airports. Being ‘on time’ is defined as flights arriving and departing within 15 minutes of their scheduled times.

In another recently released safety report from, Jetstar Asia has again made the top 10 safest LCCs in the world for the third-year running. The report also revealed that Jetstar Asia received a seven-star rating for safety, outpacing all other LCCs in Singapore. To arrive at its top 20 list, the airline must demonstrate excellent safety records as a result of audits from the aviation’s governing bodies and lead associations; government audits; airline’s crash and serious incident record; and the fleet age.

Jetstar Asia CEO Bara Pasupathi said safety was the airline’s number one priority. “As the second largest airline group operating out of Singapore Changi Airport, we are committed to ensuring our customers get to their destinations safely and on time. With more than 600 weekly services operating out of Changi, achieving top marks for punctuality and safety underscores the strength of our systems, processes and teams in Singapore and across the Asia-Pacific ports we fly to,” said Mr Pasupathi.

Within the Jetstar Group, Jetstar Airways also ranks in the top 10 safety list and is the top-ranking LCC airline for punctuality in Australia, with an OTP of 74.33 percent.

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