SK Rent-a-Car Celebrates the 2023-24 Visit Korea Year with an Event for Foreign Customers

  • 06:12 AM, 9 Jan, 2024
SK Rent-a-Car Celebrates the 2023-24 Visit Korea Year with an Event for Foreign Customers


SK Rent-a-Car, an AVIS partner and the primary mobility affiliate of South Korea’s second-largest conglomerate, SK Group, offers special benefits to foreign tourists planning a trip to Jeju island celebrating the 2023-24 Visit Korea Year

Jejudo is the largest island in South Korea and a UNESCO Natural and Cultural Heritage site, attracting one million visitors each month. Given its vast area three times the size of Seoul, Jeju island is best explored using rental cars rather than public transportation. Any foreigner who meets qualification requirements can drive in Jeju island.

SK Rent-a-Car is a leading car rental player in Jeju island, operating the largest fleet of 3,000 vehicles. It offers a variety of options from compact to full-size vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and vans, as well as the largest selection of electric vehicles. Conveniently located three minutes from Jeju Airport, the company also offers a free shuttle service.

One of SK Rent-a-Car’s services makes renting a car easy with an International Driver’s Permit (IDP), your home country driver’s license, and a passport. In addition, total car accident compensation is available upon signing up for full liability insurance, with the benefit of adding up to three drivers, including the driver, at no extra cost.

Currently, SK Rent-a-Car is running an event offering a free charging card to all foreign EV rental customers. The company also plans to provide various benefits for foreign tourists in the future.

About SK Rent-a-Car

SK Rent-a-Car is a specialized car rental company established in 1988 that provides services centered around major airports and KTX stations throughout South Korea. SK Rent-a-Car locations at Incheon Airport and Jeju Airport allow customers to conveniently use rental cars upon their arrival in South Korea. Detailed information and reservations can be found on the official SK Rent-a-Car website, which also has an English reservation site for foreign customers. 


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