Janice Wong at The Sanchaya Bintan Island, Friday 25th August 2023 

  • 08:45 AM, 8 Sep, 2023

The Sanchaya, the acclaimed luxury beachside retreat nestled on the shores of Bintan Island, was thrilled to host the extraordinary collaboration with renowned pastry chef, artist, and culinary innovator, Janice Wong. 

Key Highlights of the Collaboration

Edible Art Installation: 

Janice Wong's ingenuity took center stage with a one-of-a-kind edible tableau crafted from painted chocolate and adorned with over 300 lollipops. The intricate interplay of colour, texture, and flavor captivated all senses, – offering a feast for the eyes and the palate. The finished tableau was eagerly feasted upon by distinguished guests.


Launch of The Sanchaya Flavor:

Guests had the privilege of being the first to experience the bespoke bon-bons infused with The Sanchaya Flavor. Cocktail pairings, expertly curated by The Estate's newly appointed sommelier Ronilo Perez and award-winning mixologist Jesu Swensen, provided a complimentary tasting experience. 

Passion for Regional Excellence: 

Through engaging dialogue, Janice Wong and The Sanchaya team illuminated their commitment to ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients, support for local communities, and incorporation of sustainable practices in their culinary endeavors. 

Mr. Greg Williams, General Manager of The Sanchaya, (pictured below) expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We were thrilled to welcome Janice Wong. Her visionary approach to culinary art aligns perfectly with our commitment to offering guests unparalleled luxury experiences.” 

Janice Wong shared her excitement about the collaboration, saying, "The Sanchaya’s dedication to excellence and passion for creating memorable moments resonated deeply with my approach.”

This celebration marks the beginning of an ongoing relationship, with The Sanchaya Flavour being featured at The Estate. Guests can immerse themselves in the divine pairings of chocolate and cocktails until 24th September 2023 at Decanter, The Sanchaya.

Visit The Sanchaya website www.thesanchaya.com for reservations and promotions.

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