Through a series of Webinars cum B2B sessions

  • 09:22 AM, 8 Mar, 2021

(Singapore, 8 March 2021)  Capitalizing on the massive global vaccination drive against Covid-19, India Tourism, Singapore, is organizing a series of Webinars cum B2B sessions titled ‘India Tourism Reconnect’ in the ASEAN region. The meets aims to reconnect the Indian Tourism industry with stakeholders in key markets and start preparing for resumption of business as and when it is announced.

The Virtual Meets will be kickstarted on 11th March 2021 with a focus on the Philippines followed by those for Malaysia and Singapore as per following schedule:  

·       India Tourism Reconnects with the Philippines- 11th March 2021

·       India Tourism Reconnects with Malaysia- 16th March 2021

·       India Tourism Reconnects with Singapore- 18th March 2021

Apart from the Ministry of Tourism and State Tourism Organizations, leading tour operators, luxury hotel chains, river cruise and luxury train operators are also participating in the B2B session of the virtual event.  

The objective of the meet is to update the travel trade about the new destinations and holiday experiences on offer in India as well as about the evolving post Covid scenario of the country so that they are prepared to update their clients as and when the international border restrictions are removed.  

India has started the largest vaccination drive in the world and is getting back into business after the disruptions of the previous year. While, international travel has not yet resumed, it would be safe to say that the worse is over and resumption of traffic is on the horizon. The Indian Tourism Industry is on a rebound and is looking forward to reconnect with its patrons and work together on rebuilding the relationships with the hope of doing better when the time comes.

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