Not All of Scoots New Measures for Passengers Are Welcomed

  • 09:45 AM, 8 Jun, 2020

by Floyd Cowan

Scoot has announced its new policy on areas that will directly affect the flying public. It says in part:

We've therefore worked closely with governments and relevant health authorities to design and implement a set of measures to make your journey with Scoot safer.

It is signed by Scoot CEO Campbell Wilson. There are more than the following four measures and they can be accessed on Scoot 's website:

Revision of cabin baggage policy

To enable safe distancing during security screening, boarding and disembarkation, only one small piece of carry-on baggage (max 3kg) that fits under the seat in front of you is allowed. The remaining carry-on allowance must be checked-in, which we’ll do at no additional cost.

Assignment of seats

To facilitate social distancing onboard flights, advance seat selection has been suspended and you’ll be assigned seats when you check-in. Where possible, passengers traveling with family or loved ones in the same booking will be seated together, unless restricted by regulations in the departure or arrival country. To facilitate contact tracing, we ask that guests don’t change seats once assigned.

Precautionary measures undertaken by cabin crew and pilots

All operating crew will undergo pre-flight temperature taking, are required to monitor and report their health status. They will wear the appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) while on duty.

Temporary suspension of products/services

To minimize close interaction between customers and crew, we will suspend several products/services such as inflight purchase and serving of meals, some amenities and inflight seat upgrades.

We are all expecting such measures to be implemented and though I am not excited by them I will be happy to follow all of them. It is better than not flying at all. I am, however, concerned about the Revision of cabin baggage policy.

As I am a travel journalist I travel with my camera and lenses and laptop. I am unable to check in batteries and chargers which I need for my devices.

I would not feel comfortable checking in these sensitive items. Not necessarily by Scoot but I've had my luggage thrown about and even left in the rain so it becomes soaked. I had one suitcase cut open the most valuable items taken. Check-in luggage is neither safe nor secure.


And what about Duty Free? How will that be handled?       

I know there are better minds out there than mine, but when you finally make it on board your flight how much at risk will there be considering that people will have to produce a medical certificate saying they are virus free before getting on the flight. Temperatures will be checked before boarding and airlines will be sanitizing their craft as they do not want to endure the bad publicity of having a coronavirus spread from one of their flights. 

Are all these measures really necessary or is it, once again, an abundance of caution?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ORDER HERE: :Unicorn-Eyes: The Orange-Sofa    

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