Vietjet Kicks Off Self-Handling Ground Operations Amidst the Pandemic

  • 06:44 AM, 7 Sep, 2020

(Above: Vietjet’s self-handled ground operations at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi)

(Singapore, 4 September 2020) Vietjet has officially kick-started its self-handled ground operations at the Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, becoming the first ever private carrier to set up its own ground handling arm in Vietnam.  

The move aims to improve the airline’s service quality, independence and the flexibility to adjust its own flight schedule to meet seasonal flight operations, especially in peak season to manage its operation costs. It would also help to strengthen Vietjet’s image and brand recognition and ensure the airline’s thorough and safe operations.

“The launch of Vietjet ground services in Hanoi is one of Vietjet’s milestones of strategic development to optimize our cost-reducing opportunities while enhancing ground handling service quality and create more sources of revenue,” said Vietjet Vice President Nguyen Thanh Son


(Above: Vietjet’s ground handling services) 

Vietjet is currently one of largest airlines in Vietnam in terms of domestic flight frequency, particularly at Noi Bai International Airport. The carrier operates over 30 domestic and international routes to and from the airport, serving thousands of passengers daily, which is why Noi Bai was selected as the first airport for Vietjet to handle its own ground services. 

By setting up its own ground handling services amidst an impacted aviation industry, Vietjet has proved to be an airline of great administration capabilities as it constantly comes up with new initiatives to respond to the changing and challenging business environment.     

Vietjet has been, for years, among the top airlines with the fastest growth rates in the region. The airline’s consolidated after-tax profit reached VND47 billion (approx. US$2M) in the first six months of 2020. 

“Vietjet has proactively sought for extra business opportunities in addition to the self-handling ground services, for example boosting the cargo transport services since April 2020 and operating thousands of cargo flights delivering essential goods and medical equipment,” Son added. 


(Above: Vietjet’s ground handling services) 

In preparation for the post-pandemic recovery of the aviation market, Vietjet has developed plans for various new e-commerce products that will be released in the near future. The new developments aim to bring benefits to customers and generate more revenue for the airline. 

Vietjet is also ready to activate its flight plans for international markets as soon as the authorities give the green light. Vietjet is determined to ensure the priority of the wellbeing of passengers and the airline’s staff for continued safe operations and contribute to the economy and market recovery.

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