The First Ningxia Inbound Tour Competition

  • 07:22 AM, 7 Sep, 2020

The Desert Star Hotel in Shapotou Scenic Area, Ningxia

(YINCHUAN, China, Sept. 7, 2020) In order to better expand Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region's inbound tourism market, build Ningxia's cultural tourism industry presence, and build Ningxia into an international tourism destination in western China, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region will run the "Tour Ningxia: The Heart of China" inbound tour competition from September 5 to October 22. The competition aims to raise the levels of tourism coming from other parts of China and abroad so they can experience Ningxia's unique landscapes and ancient cultural sites.

This competition is open to domestic and foreign travel agents, travel product professionals, and private tourists and tourist groups. It consists of six parts: Activity release; product collection; product primary evaluation; product polishing; final evaluation; and experience. The competition collects products in three categories: Leisure and health; history and culture; and looking up to the stars.

For the experience evaluation, media representatives from the local area, other provinces, and other countries will be invited to report on the whole process. Tourism experts and the general public will also be able to participate.

Holding this competition with COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control in mind will develop the innovation of the domestic and international tourism market. It is an effective carrier to expand the large-scale cultural tourism promotion activity of Ningxia to overseas markets, and also a concrete action to make up for the lack of openness and development of Ningxia's culture and tourism, according to Mingxia Zhao, deputy director-general of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Three types of awards will be given. Best Route Product comes with an award of 20,000 Chinese yuan, the Distinctive Route Product comes with 10,000 yuan, and Excellent Organization Award recipients will earn medals. All winning products will become the main promotional products for overseas tourism marketing over the next three years.

An important stop on the Silk Road, Ningxia plays an important part in history.

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