Enjoy Your CNY Dinner at Ya Ge Restaurant in the Orchid Hotel

  • 06:41 AM, 7 Feb, 2024

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon in style at Ya Ge, the contemporary Chinese gem nestled in Orchid Hotel Singapore. Executive Chef Sam Chong, unveils a tantalizing Chinese New Year menu for 2024. Indulge in showstoppers like the Iberico Pork Belly Pagoda with Braised 10-head Abalone, the fiery Maotai Crispy Duck, and the exquisite Braised Duo Vermicelli with Crab Meat and Crab Roe.

“The year of the dragon brings to mind qualities such as vigour, power, strength and confidence. We are taking this opportunity to revive the artisanal spirit of Chinese cuisine, a true celebration of our cultural heritage and an homage born out of dedication and time-honoured craftsmanship. Eschewing culinary shortcuts, we hope you will enjoy the flavours of our labour-intensive creations that are less commonly seen in Singapore,” says Executive Chef Sam Chong, a veteran in the Chinese food scene for over two decades.   

Beyond these culinary highlights, Ya Ge offers a plethora of innovatively crafted dishes, seamlessly blending traditional Chinese flavours with a modern twist. This culinary journey invites guests to savour the past and embrace the future. 

Ya Ge, an elegant pavilion-inspired haven, features stylized mountainscapes, creating a sophisticated ambiance for intimate gatherings. With two well-appointed dining rooms, it effortlessly merges culinary artistry with cultural sophistication.

Ya Ge’s Bountiful Takeaway Sets are brilliantly designed for those who wish to entertain in the comfort of their own home or those who are visiting. The Ya Ge Reunion Takeaway Set is perfect for intimate gatherings with your closest, consisting of Crispy Golden Eel and Yellowtail Yu Sheng (Small),Prosperity Pen Cai (Small), Steamed Lotus Leaf Fragrance Rice with Conpoy in Abalone Sauce as well as Yam and Nian Gao Ingot Pastry.

Bond with friends and family over a large spread of symbolic food and festive must-haves by ordering the Ya Ge Abundance Takeaway Set,  similar to the Reunion but with Yu Sheng and Pen Cai in a large portion for a bigger group. It also comes with a Four Happiness Treasures filled with a quartet of goodies. Place your pre-orders for set menus or takeaway festive goodies, available to 24th February 2024.

The takeaway sets and goodies can be made online at https://eshop-yage.myshopify.com,or at the restaurant. Guests also get to enjoy a 10% discount on all takeaways. For more information on all Chinese New Year menus and takeaway festive goodies, please log on to www.orchidhotel.com.sg/offers/ya-ge-2024-lunar-new-year. 

Join the celebration at Orchid Hotel Singapore, 1 Tras Link, Singapore 078867. Contact Ya Ge at +65 6818 6831 (Telephone) or +65 8031 6831 (Whatsapp).  

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