Vietjet Certified With the Highest Global Ranking for Covid-19 Compliance

  • 09:55 AM, 4 Mar, 2021

(4 March 2021 Singapore) Vietjet has been certified with seven-stars, the world’s highest rating for Covid-19 compliance for global airlines by AirlineRatings

AirlineRatings, the world’s airline safety and product rating website, is the first website with COVID-19 ratings for airlines. The seven-star list also named other renowned airlines such as Air New Zealand, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Jetblue, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and others. 

For full compliance, airlines must have seven criteria in place. These criteria include having information on Covid-19 procedures on its website, face masks for passengers, deep cleaning of aircraft, protection equipment for the crew, social distancing, and modified meal services. 

Vietjet Vice President To Viet Thang said: “Our modern fleet is equipped with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air system), which can filter up to 99.7% of dust, bacteria and viruses. Vietjet’s full compliance of safety standards together with staff’s cooperation have contributed to our safe transportation of millions of passengers during the escalating Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam. In addition, none of our employees have been infected with Covid-19 so far.”

According to Thang, Vietjet’s Corona Prevention Committee consists of a team of doctors, health and safety experts, who have been working tirelessly to ensure the airline’s utmost safety. In addition to providing face masks and protection equipment for front liners such as pilots, flight attendants, ground staff and technicians, the committee also quickly installed the isolation shield with sanitizers at all of Vietjet’s check-in counters. Vietjet’s aircraft are disinfected and sterilised daily, with plans to vaccinate all of its staff in the near future. 

AirlineRatings, known for its unique seven-star rating system, has become the trusted industry standard for aviation safety and product. AirlineRatings also recently named Vietjet in “the World’s Top 10 Safest & Best Low-Cost Airlines 2021”. 

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