St. Regis Hotels and Resorts Across Asia Pacific Present An Exquisite New Bar Program To Celebrate The Art Of Drinking

Captivating “Violet Hour” Ritual and Innovative, New York-Inspired Cocktails that Pay Homage to the Legacy and Glamour of the Original House Of Astor

  • 09:11 AM, 3 Nov, 2021

(Hong Kong – November 3, 2021)  - St. Regis Hotels & Resorts in Asia Pacific are proud to present an extraordinary celebration of the art of drinking that pays homage to the legacy and glamour of the original House of Astor, The St. Regis New York. The program features a selection of 40 cocktail recipes inspired by five New York neighborhoods, merging the stylish charm of Manhattan with unique local infusions to create exquisite original creations, and "The Violet Hour”, a dedicated ritual to celebrate the end of the day and the beginning of the evening, when the sky is purple and talented bartenders can be found throwing martinis. The St. Regis Shanghai Jingan, The St. Regis Singapore and the newly opened The St. Regis Qingdao, are the first properties to present this experience while the new program rolls out across The St. Regis hotels in the Asia Pacific in 2022. 

“Our guests are modern luminaries, global influencers and cultured tastemakers who seek new experiences that are understated, unique and distinctive,” said Jennie Toh, Vice President, Brand Marketing & Brand Management, Asia Pacific, Marriott International. “The signature St. Regis Bars found in our hotels across Asia Pacific are excited to welcome our luminaries with unexpectedly delightful sensory impressions, from their iconic murals to the impeccable service of their hosts, to the celebration of the art of drinking. We hope the new programming at St. Regis Bars will bring the exquisite experiences that elevate the everyday to the extraordinary as only St. Regis can."

The traditions around the art of drinking at St. Regis hotels began in 1932 at the famed King Cole Bar at The St. Regis New York, birthplace of the iconic Bloody Mary cocktail. Since its inception, The King Cole Bar has epitomized the high society of the era, offering a sanctuary from the bustle of the city where guests can celebrate the pleasures of life in glamorous style. Today, inspired by the visionary spirit of The King Cole Bar, each St. Regis hotel features a signature St. Regis Bar that continues to interpret and uphold the inimitable traditions of the original House of Astor in fresh and contemporary way, captivating a new generation of luminaries all across the world.


 An Enchanting New York-Inspired Cocktail Menu 

The new St. Regis Bar programming in Asia Pacific revisits the origins of The St. Regis New York, with a collection of 40 cocktail recipes. Each one of them evokes the mood and feel of each borough in the city – Lower Manhattan, Midtown, Upper Manhattan, East Side and West Side. A Settled Trader remembers the Dutch settlers in the area now known as Tribeca in Lower Manhattan, featuring butterfat-washed Genever, port and banana liqueur. United Market showcases an enjoyable afternoon in the vibrant oasis of Midtown's Union Square, featuring a combination of London Dry Gin, pineapple juice, sugar snap peas and lemon juice. Cotton Club, a fragrant and complex whisky sour, pays tribute to the Prohibition-era nightclub of the same name in Upper Manhattan's Harlem borough, where high-society New Yorkers flocked to hear jazz icons such as Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. Montauk Dreaming is an ephemeral essay in the form of a cocktail: tropical tequila, sweet vermouth and dill-infused banana liqueur celebrate the spirit of endless summer at the eclectic East End beach hamlet of Montauk, today a cultural destination for artists and surfers alike. The Mayor of Strawberry Fields represents the West Side, where John Lennon's legacy of peace lives on in the Strawberry Fields garden memorial, and features fragrant strawberry-infused Pisco, Chartreuse, jasmine, tarragon and lime. 

The Violet Hour Martini 

The “The Violet Hour” programming was inspired by “The Hour: A Cocktail Manifesto” by American author Bernard DeVoto, which highlights the violet hour begins every day during the transition from day to evening, welcoming the endless possibilities of the night. St. Regis seeks to transcend the ordinary of every day; and “The Violet Hour” ushers in the sights of theatric cocktail throwing ritual by talented bartenders. Guests will be invited for a taster of the signature Violet Hour Martini that elevates gin, aromatized wine, orange and violette liqueurs and orange bitters into a delicious work of drinkable art, served in bespoke glassware specially designed for St. Regis.

Live Exquisite at The St. Regis Bar 

Discerning luminaries and guests appreciate that no two St. Regis Bars are ever the same across the world. The bars at St. Regis features an atmospheric design narrative and priceless artwork which become a platform in bringing the stories of each destination to life. Their distinctive large-scale murals are a tradition that began with the original King Cole masterpiece at The St. Regis New York.

At The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort, The Whale Bar, (above) overlooking a private coral reef in the Indian Ocean, is an architectural tribute to the majestic whale shark. On the ceiling is a pyrographic masterpiece on wood depicting a father and son discovering a paradise of corals, fish, and plankton – a celebration of the Maldives' vibrant sea life. At The St. Regis Macao, a hand-painted and gilded mural depicts moments of Macao's rich history and stylized symbolism. Lotus flowers, emblematic of Macao, bloom in the water and a crane, the Chinese symbol of youth and eternity, flies across a golden sky. The mural at the enchanting St. Regis Bar at The St. Regis Osaka invites its viewer to discover the rich history, traditions and innovations of Japan, with hidden details of Osaka Castle, satellites and mythical animals.

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