The First Digital International Panda Festival Opens in Meishan, China

Panda World, World Panda--For Nature As It Is

  • 06:36 AM, 3 Nov, 2020

(Meishan, China - Media OutReach, 3 November 2020) With the theme of "Panda World, World Panda--For Nature As It Is" the first digital International Panda Festival is hosted by Sichuan Forestry and Grassland Administration (Giant Panda National Park Sichuan Administration).

Giant pandas are the "messenger of peace" in China's opening to the outside world. Sichuan ranks first in the area of giant panda habitat, the number of wild giant panda population and captive giant pandas in China. Sichuan, as one of the pilot areas of the Giant Panda National Park, covers an area of 20,177 square kilometres, accounting for 74.36%. There are 1,227 giant pandas in the wild, accounting for 75.23%.

The opening ceremony launched a "space-air-ground-man" integrated digital platform. Locals are able to learn about the life of Sichuan-based giant pandas living in foreign countries. Meanwhile, it releases books such as the Gift of Nature - Discovering Sichuan as It Is, Landscape of Bamboo forests in Sichuan, Secret Sichuan - the 88 Most Beautiful Forest and Grass Landscapes to Go. It also releases the top six lists of "the Most Beautiful Bamboo Landscape" in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, as well as the Guidelines on Promoting the Development of Natural Education by eight departments. 

Six forums and three conferences systematically present successful experiences in building high-quality forest and grassland fire barriers. Exhibitions such as the Nature Reserve Photo Exhibition, the Giant Panda Cultural and Creative Exhibition, and the Giant Panda International Art Exhibition will make you appreciate their unique charm.

The digital International Panda Festival strives to develop into a branded network exchange platform with distinctive themes at both national and international levels, making itself the only global flagship platform with western characteristics in China.

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