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Executive Chef Wolfgang Ranner

SINGAPORE, July 3, 2019 ‐ In its quest to become the choice destination for German cuisine, beer and celebration, Brotzeit is set to take things up several notches with the introduction of a sausage that measures one metre in length, along with other new sausage dishes.It is not only sausages that are new at Brotzeit with Carsten Kjeldmann (left) recently taking over the role of Country General Manager and Gerhard Lanyi, (right) with 16 years of management experience in senior leadership functions in Asia becoming Director, Franchise Management.

Carsten Kjeldmann, a Danish citizen and a Singapore PR has an incredible track record having worked in such renowned establishments as the Swiss Club and the British Club. He has been a successful manager in restaurants, hotels and recreational clubs for more than 20 years. At the same time, he is well accustomed to Southeast Asia having spent over 20 years in the region. As a former chef, he brings extensive food and beverage experience to Brotzeit.

Not new to Brotzeit is award - winning chef Executive Chef Wolfgang Ranner with his extensive knowledge of German cuisine and Asian culture, having worked in Asia since 1996. In recognition of his contribution to the industry, he won the title of “Best Western Cuisine Chef” in 2006 and the “Executive Chef of the Year” award by Hospitality Asia Platinum Award in 2009.

Chef Ranner has developed the Summer Menu with its focus on sausages. “We use the purest of ingredients and the freshness is very obvious in what we serve.”

The Würstel Ringelspiel mit Brezn (Sausage Tower with Pretzel) is an unprecedented metre‐long link sausage that diners can enjoy in their choice of Farmer’s Sausage (pork) or Smoked Chicken Cheese Sausage, or both with the half‐and‐half option.

Like all the other sausages you will find at the German beer bar and restaurant, every link is lovingly stuffed with top‐quality, all‐natural ingredients according to Brotzeit’s recipes. Most of all, it feeds their spirit of celebration.

“As you know, Brotzeit prides itself on doing traditional recipes in a modern way with only top quality produce and spices imported from Germany. Brotzeit is more than just good food and beer. When friends and family come together, we want them to celebrate every moment. This is very important to Brotzeit. It is our philosophy of food,” said the Executive Chef.

Diners can dig into the Farmer’s Sausage, a coarsely ground pork sausage served with roasted potatoes and red cabbage; Smoked Chicken Cheese Sausage, a heart‐warming blend of smokiness and melted cheese; and the Wurstsalat, a traditional German sausage salad with home‐made vinaigrette dressing. True to their philosophy of sharing good food, guests are free to customise any sausage dish with their choice of any of the 12 sides.

The tasty additions bring the total number of sausage dishes at Brotzeit to 12. Best of all, Brotzeit has the perfect beer for each one, paired by their in‐house beer sommelier based on the flavour character each dish.

Brotzeit is also introducing new mustards to complement the robust deliciousness of their sausages. The Horseradish Mustard is a medium hot mustard balanced with horseradish cream, while the Hot Grainy Mustard packs a punch with a slightly nutty taste. Along with their Sweet Mustard and Medium Hot Mustard, these piquant condiments are created with German spices and they bring out the best of the flavour‐bursting goodness in each wurst.

Diners can also look forward to specials like the Steckerlfisch, or mackerel grilled on a stick, the campfire cuisine of choice for aficionados of the great outdoors. Now, guests can enjoy this popular summer barbeque dish in the cosy comforts of their favourite Brotzeit restaurant.

Brotzeit’s Summer Menu has been available since 26 June 2019 and it is here to stay.

Chef Wolfgang found his perfect cultural match in Brotzeit where its passion for quality German food and authenticity match his desire to grow the development of German cuisine globally. With his unique expertise in gastronomy and his endless creativity and curiosity for German cuisine’s latest trends, he looks forward to reinforcing Brotzeit’s values and deliver on the mission of being the leading global German restaurant group.

DISH                                                                      BEER

Wurstsalat                                                          Hofbräuhaus München Original Weissbier

                                                                            Sweet, fizzy and crisp. It completes this fresh dish

Weisswurst                                                         Hofbräuhaus München Original Weissbier

                                                                            Sweetness accentuates the delicate flavours of the weisswurst.

Nürnberger                                                          Löwenbräu Original Lager

                                                                            Winner of Best Munich Lager category at the Beer World Cup 2016. Garlic and cumin

                                                                            are strong flavours and this perfect lager refreshes the palate.

Käsekrainer                                                          Schlenkerla Helles Rauchbier

                                                                            This smoked beer emphasises the smoky hints of the Käsekrainer

Currywurst                                                            Veltins Pils

                                                                             Citrusy, nutty pilsner complements the spices in the chilli-curry sauce

Leberkäse                                                              Wieninger PD 1813 Naturtrüb Zwickl

                                                                             Made with roasted malts, this organic unfiltered lager is slightly smoky,

                                                                             which balances the robust flavour of the meatloaf.

Thüringer Rostbratwurst                                      Wieninger PD 1813 Naturtrüb Zwickl

                                                                             Gives a nice smoky finish to the complex and delicate marjoram flavour that the

                                                                             Thüringer is famous for.

Würstel Ringelspiel mit Brezn                             Wieninger PD 1813 Naturtrüb Zwickl              

Geräucherte Hühnerkäsewurst                                                                          

                                                                            The roasted malt complements the smokiness of the smoked chicken cheese sausage

Bauernwurst                                                         Wieninger Dunkles Lager Naturtrüb

                                                                            The malt here is more intensely roasted, hence the darker colour. It’s smokier,

                                                                            which complements the robust flavour of this coarse pork sausage.

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