Thirsty Launches Music Themed Beer Advent Calendar

  • 11:28 AM, 2 Nov, 2021

(Singapore – November 2, 2021) - Singapore's largest online craft beer retailer, Thirsty, has released its bestselling beer advent calendar – the Thirsty Jingle Beers Advent Calendar. Each box consists of 24 curated craft beers – including five special exclusives, 10 new releases – and a specially-designed, limited edition beer glass.

This year, Thirsty’s advent calendar will be presented with a theme: Music. The box is designed to look like a vinyl record player, with cassette tapes containing beer on the inside. Each beer is assigned a Christmas song and customers can listen to the track(s) from a curated Spotify playlist.

"This is an advent calendar that recommends music and beer pairings, so you’ll get matches like the classic “Feliz Navidad” Christmas song paired with a Mexican-style lager, or the pop holiday song “Underneath the Tree” for a hazelnut porter. We hope that this activity will help enhance the festive drinking mood and spread the holiday cheer!” said Yvette Yeo, the Product Manager of Thirsty.

Beers range in brand, style, volume, and ABV. The majority of the beers are produced in breweries from the United States, Australia, and Singapore. Five beers were exclusively brewed for the Advent Calendar and ten of them are new releases. Beer styles include a fruit tea kölsch, cream soda ale, cocktail ale, floral-infused IPA, milk coffee stout, and many more.

Customers are advised to drink one beer a day, starting from the can behind door number 1 on December 1st. The advent calendar is designed for convenient chilling without spoiling the surprise, as there are five separate inner boxes within the main box that can be removed for easy storage in the fridge.

The Thirsty Jingle Beers Advent Calendar is available for preorder at $149.00 on and has been in great demand that the first eight days of delivery slots (15 - 22 November) are fully booked. Delivery dates are now available from 23rd November onwards.

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About Thirsty

Thirsty is a craft beer lifestyle brand and online beer retailer on a mission to deliver the best beer experiences to beer lovers in Singapore. Since 2012, Thirsty works towards making craft beer in Singapore fun, fresh, and accessible to all. Why choose to drink normal when you can experience incredible for less? Thirsty specialises in offering a wide array of affordable craft beers, beer gifts, experiences, and merchandise.

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