LionsBot is the first company to mass-manufacture professional cleaning robots in Singapore

  • 06:28 AM, 1 Nov, 2018


Singapore, 31st October 2018 – Singapore-based LionsBot International has unveiled the LeoBot Scrub, the first in an initial family of fully-autonomous robots dedicated to handling specialised cleaning functions like vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing and carpet-cleaning. Already 100 units have been committed for deployment across Singapore from April 2019. LeoBot Scrub is destined for use in commercial locations such as hotels, concourses, airports, warehouses, factories, indoor and outdoor public spaces, and offices.

Distinctive by its soulful, expressive “electronic eyes”, which it uses to communicate with humans, LeoBot Scrub has a 30L water capacity and is capable of vacuuming and scrubbing to a high professional standard. LeoBot Scrub will make his official worldwide debut at the Singapore International Robo Expo (SIRE) from 1st to 2nd November 2018 at Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore.The company intends to assist rapid adoption with a more accessible, more affordable “Robots-as-a-Service” (RaaS) rental-based business model. RaaS allows customers to rapidly deploy teams of robots from $1,200 per robot per month compared to current purchase price of other cleaning robots at $85,000 per robot.

LionsBot is the first company to mass-manufacture professional cleaning robots within Singapore. Founded in February 2018, the company is the brainchild of three Singaporean entrepreneurs: Dylan Ng and Michelle Seow, the husband-and-wife team behind Singapore’s leading cleaning equipment and chemicals supplier, SuperSteam Asia Pacific, and Assistant Professor Mohan Rajesh Elara, a robotics/AI expert from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). An associate company of SuperSteam, LionsBot has developed its robots based on SuperSteam’s extensive expertise and knowledge of leading-edge cleaning technology and methodologies.

Created using the latest advances in rapid prototyping technology, LionsBot robots differ from other cleaning robots by integrating “cute”, “human-like” personality traits. Imbued with interactive (robot-to-human) characteristics, LionsBot robots feature a range of emotional responses ranging from expressive eyes and voices, to speech, to a beating robotic heart. The robots can communicate in any language appropriate to their regional setting and are capable of simple human interactions like asking people to move out of their path. Failure to comply causes the robot’s facial expression to switch to “sad” followed by “irritated”.

Unlike other automated cleaning products, Lionsbot robots operate either as standalone units or alternatively in fully-coordinated, fully-autonomous teams for enhanced productivity and improved cleaning results. Entire “robo-teams” can be deployed to designated spaces to clean in unison and with minimum human intervention. To optimise cleaning plans, LionsBot robots collaborate with each other using AI and big data analytics. Day-to-day operations are entirely controlled and coordinated from the Cloud. Recharging, rinsing, refilling, service and maintenance are achieved through space-saving docking stations and remote service modules.

Existing cleaning robots need intensively-trained in-house operators to clean-up after them and teams of technicians to maintain them. By comparison, LionsBot robots are controlled by a single operator through a simple, intuitive application, whilst service and repair are covered by LionsBot’s distributors. LionsBot customers thus require only a minimum of initial training to operate an entire fleet of robotic cleaners. Neither do customers need to worry about managing individual robots but can instead manage entire teams of robots with ease whilst viewing aggregated reports. Customers also have the option of customising their LionsBot robots with their own corporate branding, colours, logo or livery.

The industry’s transition to automation is a timely solution to the dwindling worldwide supply of cleaners. The world’s cleaner shortage is caused by an aging population, increased affluence and younger workers’ reluctance to choose cleaning as a long-term career. As well as solving manpower shortages, robotic fleet deployment allows human cleaners to upgrade to more rewarding work in supervisory capacities.

LionsBot CEO and co-founder Mr Dylan Ng commented: “LionsBot takes a new approach to cleaning robots where they clean intelligently in teams. When performing equivalent tasks LionsBot robots clean faster, better and more consistently than what is currently available on the market. LionsBot is born of our shared dream of a future where cleaning robots become truly useful and widely adopted.”

Said LionsBot co-founder, Assistant Professor Mohan Rajesh Elara, “LionsBot produces serious robots for heavy-duty commercial cleaning. The robots are developed based on SuperSteam’s deep knowledge of the professional cleaning industry and our robotics R&D is developed by a talented team of researchers, many of whom are graduates of the Singapore University of Technology and Design.” LionsBot co-founder Ms. Michelle Seow added: “LionsBot is the first company to make cleaning robots familiar and fun to humans and their endearing, human-like characteristics will increase public acceptance of working robots. With their engaging personalities our ‘cute’ robots will feel like part of the family, improving the lives and environment of the communities in which they operate.”

Mr Dalson Chung, Director of Industry Development and Promotion in the National Environment Agency (NEA) said, “NEA launched the Environmental Services Industry Transformation Map in December last year, and we have been working closely with the industry to help companies to access relevant technologies to improve productivity and address manpower challenges. It's encouraging to see LionsBot, a local company, innovating technology that transforms businesses and raises productivity. We hope that this would encourage more SMEs to transform and be at the forefront of innovative technologies in the global environmental services landscape. Over time, we expect greater collaboration across the environmental services industry, and more local companies will be able to enhance their export capabilities and market access overseas.”

Leobot Scrub with CTM Livery  (left)           

Leobot Scrub with Absolute Livery (right)                                                                                                      

Two leading cleaning service providers in Singapore, Chye Thiam Maintenance Pte Ltd. and Absolute Maintenance Services Pte Ltd have signed Letters of Commitment to deploy a total of 100 LeoBots, beginning April 2019. As of October 2018, there are less than 100 professional cleaning robots deployed in Singapore.

Mr Edy Tan Wei Hock, CEO of Chye Thiam Maintenance, said: “Chye Thiam Maintenance has always been at the forefront of introducing the latest technological innovation and equipment to enable us to consistently deliver the best outcomes for our clients. We are happy to partner with LionsBot and SuperSteam to roll out the deployment of the Leobot Scrub in Singapore over the next few months.” Mr Ken Lee, CEO of Absolute Maintenance, said: “Absolute Maintenance is pleased and proud to name LionsBot as our partner of choice for advanced cleaning robotics solutions. We look forward to deploying our fleet of LeoBots in Singapore next year.”

About LionsBot International Pte Ltd.

Founded in February 2018, Singapore-headquartered LionsBot International is poised to become the global brand leader in advanced, fully-autonomous, team-based cleaning robotics. Offered to the international market on a “service-based” business model, LionsBot’s range of professional and human-like cleaning robots combine the R&D acumen of a strong in-house design team with the latest cutting-edge cleaning technology from SuperSteam Asia Pacific. LionsBot’s corporate mission is to provide “Better Cleaning with Robotic Technology, Better Living for Billions”. Further information about LionsBot may be found at

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