Solo Female Travel In A Post-Pandemic World

The Solo Female Travel Trends Survey 2021

  • 05:23 AM, 1 Dec, 2021

(Barcelona, November 29, 2021) The Solo Female Travel Trends Survey 2021 launches today with the objective to continue giving women who travel on their own a voice in the travel industry and understand the impact the pandemic had on travel behaviours and needs.

Participants can answer one of two questionnaires depending on their experience traveling solo: one for women who have already travelled solo, and one for those who have not. The survey will be open to global participants from November 29 until December 19, 2021 and aims to double the number of responses from 2020 to 10,000.

Co-Founder Meg Jerrard

While women book over 80% of travel and interest in solo travel grew six-fold pre-pandemic, little comprehensive research has been done on solo female travel trends.

The purpose of the survey is to fill this gap by identifying top preferences, interests, fears, and motivations surrounding solo travel for women and understanding how those have evolved since the beginning of the pandemic.

“In a post-pandemic world, Impact Travel is seeing renewed interest and travellers are more aware than ever before of the implications of their purchase decisions. Solo female travel is a fast-growing trend that perfectly aligns with this new wave of conscious travel and we expect this year’s survey results to help explain this”, says Mar Pages, Co-Founder of Solo Female Travelers. (pictured below)

Key findings from the 2020 Solo Female Travel Trend Survey suggested that safety is the main concern for 73% of respondents and revealed solo female travellers bucket list included several countries whose borders remain closed.

The 2021 survey edition will help understand the pandemic’s impact on preferences and behaviours while shedding more light on the desirability of certain destinations and on the changes in customer perceptions.

Results will be shared publicly on 2022 International Women’s Day in an effort to help shape the travel industry’s products and services to better reflect the solo female travel experience. They will also be the basis for an academic paper published in collaboration with D. Elaine Yang from Griffith University in Australia.

Participants in the survey will be entered into a raffle and stand a chance to win a luxury trip worth $3,000 to the Amalfi Coast on one of Solo Female Travelers Tours next September.

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