‘Silk Journey to Art’ World Tour Exhibition launched in Singapore

art exhibition to tour the world

  • 24-Jun-18

Singapore 23 June 2018 – Silk Journey to Art World Tour Exhibition has begun its world tour in Hwa Chong Cultural Centre in Singapore . Showcasing 200 specially curated works of fine art by 94 renowned artists from 47 countries and regions the exhibition will run until June 27, 2018. MCs Li Yang and special guest host Brother Sway who is a talk show host and comedian, kept the event moving along with the introduction of guests and speakers.Pictured MC Ms Li Yang, Mr Liu Mingsong , Managing Director of Beijing Yi Pu Cultural , Special Guest Host Brother Sway 

“We are committed to convey the essence of art through our exhibition,” explained Mr Liu Mingsong , Managing Director of Beijing Yi Pu Cultural to an audience of artist and dignitaries at the Opening Ceremony. “We wish to gain international recognition for our esteemed artists.”  Mr Liu, who financed this World Tour Exhibition with his own money, with no government financial support, explained his motivation. “Many great artists in the past, such as Vincent Van Gough, never received the recognition for his work during his life time. I wanted to help today’s artists receive the recognition that they deserve.” Having spent his life in business he also wanted to do something “that makes me happy. I want to show the world that there is more to China than business. That we can do something that is good and beautiful, and even contributes to world peace. Today is an historic day for me. My heartfelt wish is being realized. If you do not do something for your heart and your spirit, it does not matter how much money you have, it will be worthless.” He also thanked the artists who had stayed with him for many years as the tour was being put together, which is obviously an immense logistic challenge. The US, Russia, UK, France, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia and Japan are other destinations planned to host ‘Silk Journey to Art’. At the Opening Ceremony, which included beautiful and impressive music from China and India, speeches were given by Mr Que Xiaohua, Counsul for Cultural Affairs from the Embassy of China, the representative of the High Commission of Sri Lanka, and others.“As a city where the East-West culture has melded perfectly,” Mr Liu added, Singapore is an ideal location for the exhibition to showcase traditional Asian culture while embracing the freedom and creativity of the West. We do feel the innate bonding within the who Chinese community and believe that Singapore is a country where the demand of diversification of culture can be met. In addition, Singapore has a big population of Chinese who share a common Chinese culture and affinity with their counterparts from China.” The ‘world tour’ actually began in 2015 in China when Beijing Yi Pu Cultural held its inaugural exhibition. It was a great success, showcasing works from well-respected artists such as Mr Goh Beng Kwan of Singapore , Peter Simites from Australia and Canadian David Roche.With ‘Silk Journey to Art’ its theme, the exhibition is more than a stage for international artists to showcase their works, it aims to facilitate mutual understanding the exchange of culture between China and the rest of the world in support of China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative. A land trade route connecting Asia, Africa and Europe, the Silk Road was the main driver in the exchange of economy, politics and culture between these diverse lands. Inheriting the legacy of the ancient ‘Silk Road’ the OBOR initiative is intended to further develop partnerships in economic cooperation along the route to create a community with political mutual trust, economic integration and cultural tolerance – the true essence of ‘Silk Journey to Art’.Mr Que Xiaohua, the Consul for Culture Affairs from the Embassy of China in Singapore graced the event and delivered a speech.

Mr Que Xiaohua pointed out that Singapore was an important port on the ‘water silk road’ in the age of sail when ships connected the world. “We hope to build on this opportunity to further promote art culture in Singapore by building a part of art, tourism and culture,” Mr Liu stated. The details of where this will be built and when have not yet been work out. 

With the ‘Silk Journey to Art’ there will be fewer artists who go unrecognized for the talent they have and the ability to create moving and memorable art.




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