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  • 01-May-15

RoomAuction .com gives people the opportunity to travel for less, in five continents already - Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa. The concept is very attractive to all travellers that are looking for a way to save a small fortune. Using the new way of booking hotel rooms, you get very good quality at a surprising price. Why do you need to pay more for accommodation, if many hotels are flexible at reducing their prices? Hotels doing otherwise are leaving many of their rooms unsold.

The company is strongly focused on the UK market. However each week hotels also from India, Marocco, Thailand and many other countries are joining RoomAuction .com. That shows the idea is spreading across the borders and people can choose more exotic destinations.

Bolesław Drapella, CEO of RoomAuction .com comments this phenomenon: "It's not a big surprise why RoomAuction .com concept is also so successful in eastern countries . It's a known fact that haggling almost on everything is in the blood of many people of the eastern culture. Secondly, the purpose of every hotel is to sell all rooms at the best possible price, rather than leave any empty. The hotel room is one of the very few products with only 24hrs shelf life. That is why at RoomAuction .com, hoteliers can easily sell their remaining inventory without openly showing how low they are willing to go with their rates. Guests get a real bargain unreachable by publicly available sources."

Apart from Eastern countries , US market is also pretty interested to be involved in the bidding process. All hotels are attracted by the unique concept, which gives them full control of all bookings. The main idea is that RoomAuction .com helps to find a compromise between hoteliers and customers. This way both sides stay happy and satisfied.

Established in 2003 and re-launched with a new business model in early 2015 the site was already used by 15,000 guests offering to pay over $4,000,000. Based in Newent, Gloucestershire the company also has offices in Gdańsk, Poland. Led by Bolesław Drapella (LinkedIn), a former hotel manager in the UK as well as the CEO of  Morizon a Warsaw Stock Exchange company, operating in online classifieds for real estate. The team consists of former hoteliers and travel enthusiasts willing to provide a service that would help travel for less at the same time helping the hotel industry.

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